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Viral Facebook posts suggest a part 4 is coming soon. The truth is that the series is likely over.

will there be a 365 days part 4

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Another week and more viral Facebook posts are spreading misinformation about the return of popular movies and shows. This time, we’re debunking the fact that 365 Days is currently not mix vĩ đại return for a fourth movie entry despite multiple accounts stating otherwise.

It’s been around a year since The Next 365 Days landed on Netflix, with parts 2 and 3 of the movie franchise dropping throughout 2022, hoping vĩ đại capitalize on the insane viewership numbers the first viral movie got in 2020.

The sequels are loosely based on the 365 Days book trilogy by Blanka Lipinska, with all three of the movies produced out of Poland.

Viral posts on Facebook suggest a 365 Days 4 is coming soon

Since around May of 2023, dozens of posts about a 365 Days 4 coming vĩ đại Netflix have surfaced on Facebook and gone viral.

One of the biggest accrued tens of thousands of likes and shares.

Only, it’s not true. There is currently no plans for a 365 Days 4.

This is the second time in recent weeks we’ve had vĩ đại tự a post about these various Netflix-inspired Facebook pages by the name of “Netflix Addict,” “The Netflix Memes,” and “Netflix Daily Updates.”

In the last few weeks, we debunked one post that stated that The Queen’s Gambit is returning for a second season (it’s not).

It’s unclear whether they’re all operated by the same person, but we tự know they’re all promoting NetflixLife.com. Why that specific site? Well, they’re being paid by NetflixLife vĩ đại deliver traffic vĩ đại them, as you can see by the affiliate code slapped onto the over of the respective links. They’re earning anywhere up vĩ đại $7 per 1000 sessions, depending on where a visitor is from.

The kicker comes in when you navigate vĩ đại the NetflixLife page in question; there’s no mention of a fourth movie being in development.

The closest we’ve ever come vĩ đại a fourth movie is a tease by Michele Morrone (who plays Massimo in the movies), who posted on Instagram last August: “The over of something is always a little bit sad.. but.. who knows….”

Hardly a confirmation, is it? If anything, that’s more of an announcement we won’t be getting a 365 Days 4.

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It’s worth noting Netflix never stated that the third movie was the last. They did refer vĩ đại it on multiple occasions as the “next installment,” suggesting the door could be open vĩ đại more. With that said, the movie notably declined in viewership over the course of the three movies, never replicating the boom of the first.

These accounts also make claims about other hit Netflix movies returning for sequels when they’re not. Purple Hearts is not officially returning for a part 2 as it stands, nor has Enola Holmes been greenlit for a third entry. Given how these are going viral, we’ll no doubt be back vĩ đại debunk them too.

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