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Chinese Drama 2022

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Nothing But You poster

  • Genre: Modern Romance, Idol Drama
  • Release Date: 10 January 2022
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 24 Episodes


  • Rain Wang Herun as Bi Xiaoran / Jiang Lili
  • Luo Zheng as Lai Zhengyi
  • Ding Jiawen as Qin Yanfei
  • Su Xiaoding as Lai Zhengling
  • Wang Yitian as Ding Dong
  • Yumiko Cheng Hei-yee as Ning Xia
  • Zhou Yuting as Ren Qingyan

Episode 1

This is actually a really watchable first episode.  The chemistry between the leads is ví dễ thương, you wanted lớn watch them more.

Anyway, Bi Xiaoran and Jiang Lili are identical twins but their similarity stops at their looks because they are opposite.

Bi Xiaoran was always top in their class while Jiang Lili was at the bottom.

While Bi Xiaoran is now a formidable and renowned producer at Lemeng Entertainment, Jiang Lili is still a struggling live streamer.

Not many outside of their family knew that they are twins.

After their parents’ divorce, Bi Xiaoran took their father’s surname while Jiang Lili has her mother’s.

But the gorgeous Lai Zhengyi had always known that the two girls are twins because he went lớn the same school as they did though the girls seemed lớn have forgotten him.

In fact, Lai Zhengyi had been crushing on Jiang Lili since he made her cry in primary school when she accidentally ripped his book and in retaliation, he took one of her hair ties with a little heart on it.

To these days, that hair tie is his most treasured possession. Awww

Anyway, Bi Xiaoran was on her way lớn an important contract signing for an international film, Journey of a Youth.  While driving she noticed that there was someone in the boot and sure enough she found her sister, Jiang Lili who was vlogging,

Bi Xiaoran told her sister lớn get out as she was really busy.

Jiang Lili got out after handing the important contract lớn her sister.

They bởi adore each other but they are lượt thích chalk and cheese.

Jiang Lili was only a few yards away from her sister when she heard screeching.  As she turned around, she saw Bi Xiaoran flying lớn the air having been lập cập over by a motorcyclist who did not stop at the scene.

Jiang Lili went lớn her sister who told her before she passed out that the contract must be signed.

At Lemeng Group, the Global Agency (whatever) was waiting for Bi Xiaoran lớn turn up for the signing.

Lai Zhengyi said that Bi Xiaoran was running late.

Another company director came in with another producer lớn stand in for Bi Xiaoran but the Global Agency people said that they were cooperating with Lemeng because of two things, first, they lượt thích the scrip of the Journey of the Youth, and second, they only trust Bi Xiaoran for the project.

They Jiang Lili dressed up lượt thích Bi Xiaoran turned up rather awkwardly but the contract was signed and everyone was happy.

She was just leaving when Lai Zhengyi called her by her name and not Bi Xiaoran.

She was shocked that Lai Zhengyi knew of her.  She took him lớn the hospital where her sister was in a stable condition though still in a coma.

Lai Zhengyi told her that she had lớn stand in for Bi Xiaoran in the company.

Jiang Lili asked him why he knew her.  But then she answered her own question by realising that she Bi Xiaoran would have told Lai Zhengyi because they were dating,

Lai Zhengyi told her that it was only kém chất lượng dating which was mutually beneficial for them both in their career and personal life.

Anyway Lai Zhengyi released photos of Jiang Lili as Bi Xiaoran being intimate with another man.  He also released photo of him which looked lượt thích he has a gay relationship with his assistant.

This trended and concerned the management of Lemeng Group.

So Lai Zhengyi said that they can quash the rumours by having Jiang Lili/Bi Xiaoran lives with him.  Everyone was enthusiastic except Jiang Lili.

But then Lai Zhengyi used emotional blackmail.  He told her that she would be doing it for her sister.

So she moved in.  This got ví dễ thương.  Lai Zhengyi was waiting for her outside and looking ví loving and told her lớn smile back at him because there are paparazzi taking photos. He then pointed lớn his cheek.

Jiang Lili thought that he wanted her lớn give him a kiss ví she did but he said cheerfully that he was just pointing lớn the stray hair on her cheek.  Jiang Lili was annoyed with herself because she was crushing on him ví much.

Episode 2

Jiang Lili tried lớn live harmoniously with Lai Zhengyi by doing the cooking but she can’t make herself cook the still energetic jumping bullfrog. Noooooo. So she secretly ordered takeaways.

She noticed that his kitchen does not have enough plates ví she used an antique plate that was on display in his mantelpiece.

Lai Zhengyi noticed the plate immediately and told her that he had just bought it a week ago and it cost him 3Million.  And matter of factly told her that since she is an honest and sincere girl who believes in fairness, she would of course compensate him.

Jiang Lili thought of ways lớn make it up lớn him.  But Ding Dong, her assistant or rather Bai Xiaoran’s assistant said lớn make herself indispensable or helpful lớn Lai Zhengyi who seems a reasonable guy.

Jiang Lili started waiting in on him and doing all the chores cheerfully. But he was just too gorgeous that Jiang Lili will go on a romantic trance.  It was ví obvious that Lai Zhengyi asked her what was going through her brain.

He saw her having problems with her hair as she was washing the dishes.  He went behind her and bound her hair with the hair tie he got from her when they were very young.

He asked her later if she knew the hair tie.

Jiang Lili said that probably it was from one of his girlfriends who left it in the house.

Lai Zhengyi thought she was stupid.

The production for the Journey of the Youth has started.  Jiang Lili with Lai Zhengyi, the Director, and staff went location hunting.

The mystery about Bai Xiaoran’s accident had been revealed.  It was the father of one of the starlets who wanted his daughter not only lớn Lai Zheng Yi’s real girlfriend but also lớn star in Journey of the Youth.  He thought that Bai Xiaoran was a hindrance lớn his plans.

Episode 3

Jiang Lili is getting annoying.  She was supposed lớn be impersonating her sister who does not take shit from anyone and yet she is a willing doormat for Ren Qingyan who was playing her.

Why does she not ask Lai Zheng for help after she was actually helping him rather he helping her.

She finally told Lai Zhengyi what Ren Qingyan was doing lớn her and she said she can take it because she does not want lớn embarrass her sister.  I think the scriptwriter had amnesia. Her kowtowing with anyway was embarrassing her poor sister.

Episode 4

It turned out that Lai Zhengyi was adopted and the real son of the family turned up creating mayhem at Lemeng Pictures.

The guy was Lai Zhengling who turned up with a baseball bat and used it lớn create a mess at Lai Zhengyi office.  He said that it was going lớn be his office anyway as he is a natural son and will inherit it.

Jiang Lili told the guy off.  She said that Lai Zhengyi started the company ví it does not necessarily mean that Lai Zhengling will inherit it.

Jiang Lili tried lớn cheer Zhengli later on at trang chính by telling him lớn watch a film with her.  It was a horror film which spooked them both.

They were ví scared, they decided lớn sleep on Zhengli’s bed.  Rather dễ thương.

Episode 5

Qing Fei who is a childhood friend of both Jiang Lili and Bai Xiaoran had returned from diving in the Maldives.

He was annoyed that Bai Xiaoran is now living with Lai Zhengyi.  But he immediately realised that she was Lili rather than vãn Xiaoran.

When he asked where Xiaoran was and why was Lili pretend lớn be Bairan?

Lili made up the stupidest excuse.

Lili showed him a photo of Xiaoran on a hush-hush mission lớn Mars.  Yes, Lili said that Xiaoran was on her way lớn Mars.

Qing Fei got more annoyed for being treated lượt thích an idiot. The photo was photoshopped and why would Bairan even going lớn Mars?!!!

Their argument was overheard by Lai Zhengyi who said that Bai Xiaoran is on a confidential fact-finding mission in nước Australia.

Finally, Qing Fei was more relaxed with the new explanation.

Anyway, Lili begged him lớn lodge with them.  Lili had lớn convince Zhengyi lớn agree.

Qing Fei helped Lili overcome her growing problem with Ren Qingyan who was holding up filming with her absenteeism because she was unhappy that the male lead had more scenes than vãn her.

Episode 6

The Journey of Youth seemed lớn be inundated with ví many problems. Now they need lớn look for investors as others had pulled out.

Zhengling convinced Zhengyi lớn give him the job of looking for investment.

Zhengyi gave him three days.

Unfortunately, Zhengling’s pseudo friends were all promises and no action.

Episode 7

Zhengling and Lili finally found a sponsor for the title of Journey of the Youth but they he had a requirement.  To make Ren Qingyan’s role bigger.

Lili turned down the giảm giá khuyến mãi immediately but Zhengling was annoyed ví he seemed lớn have plotted lớn leak the script and blame Lili/Xiaoran for it.

So the next morning, while Lili was being congratulated because Zhengyi told her that they have an investor already, Zhengling purposely poured water into her máy tính xách tay.

But Zhengling was upset with Ren Qingyan because she went too far.

Xioran staff tư vấn her even though they had noticed that she had changed drastically. In not ví many words, they agreed that she is dễ thương but ví stupid.

Her stupidity got lớn the high ups who thought that she should be fired but Ding Dong, her assistant sacrifice herself for her and resigned saying that it was her fault that the script was leaked.

Lili is having nightmares because her sister is trending online for her stupidity.

Ding Dong was leaving and Lili was making ví much screeching about it.  Ding Dong reminded her that she Bai Xiaron worked ví hard lớn attain her position right now.

At least for once, Lili understood what Ding Dong was saying.

Zhengling could not take the guilt of Ding Dong leaving for something she did not bởi ví he confessed everything that it was Ren Qingyan who was the culprit.

Zhengyi asked lớn see Ren Qingyan and told her that it was easy lớn make a celebrity disappear from the business and if she tries lớn hurt his younger brother or girlfriend again, she is toast.

Episode 8

Zhengling really felt guilty ví he tried lớn resign but Zhengyi won’t allow him.  Instead, he was demoted lớn being the office cleaner for a month.

But he was ví overzealous with the cleaning, the staff intercedes on his behalf that he was not suitable for cleaning.

Lili and Yanfei worked all night revising the script for the Journey of the Youth.

Zhengyi found them in the morning sleeping on the couch with Yanfei’s head on Lili’s legs.  He woked Yanfei immediately and carried Lili lớn her bed

Ren Qingyan noticed Lili happily eating scallops which she remembered that Bai Xiaoran was allergic lớn.  Qingyan was now starting lớn put two together that there is something not quite right about Bai Xiaoran.

Meanwhile, Lili wanted lớn progress a relationship between her and Zhengyi ví she thought the best way was lớn make him jealous.  So she pretended that she was going on a blind date.

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Instead of being jealous, Zhengyi was very encouraging and even drove her lớn her date.

Poor Lili had lớn pretend lớn have a stomach ache and wanted lớn go back trang chính.

Zhengyi took her stargazing instead but she said she can’t see any stars but then he held out a sparkling diamond star necklace to  her face;

Aww they were ví sweet but Ren Qingyan had managed lớn confirm that Lili is Bai Xiaoran’s twin sister.

Episode 9

Qin Yanfei found Lili writing in her diary about saving a razor blade used by Zhengyi on his chilled jaw for her memorabilia.  Qin Yanfei teased her ví much but promised her that he will not tell Zhengyi that she is a big pervert.🤣

Aww, it is really getting cuter.

Zhengyi gifted Lili with a pair of sparkly high heels which he wanted her lớn wear for a gala that night.

She was ví excited and paraded in front of Yanfei in her lovely frock and heels.  She twirled and twirled in front of the tv and then showed him her shoes,

He grabbed the shoes from her and wore it until it broke.

She cried and cried for Yanfei lớn fix it but she forgot the time.

The gala was almost over when she left the house.

Zhengyi’s assistant sent her a photo of Zhengyi going lớn a khách sạn room with another woman.

So she went lớn the khách sạn lớn confront Zhengyi but the woman was not there because he just wanted lớn find him in the hotel;

They ended up kissing in the bed but were interrupted by a Hotline from Yanfei who told her that he had fixed her shoes.

She was really in love with Zhengyi and she did not mind who sees it.

The background music of Beethoven’s Ode lớn Joy was ví appropriately romantic.

It was the Lemeng Night and Ren Qingyan was planning lớn out Bai Xiaoran.

And she did try but what she did not know was Bai Xiaoran was prepared.  She actually woke up from her coma and proceeded lớn Lemeng Night where she refuted what Ren Qingyan was saying as utterly ridiculous that she is a kém chất lượng.  She showed her scar and that she could stand and wal.

She also said that it was true that she has a twin sister, Lili who was the one who got into an accident.

She then asked Ren Qingyan how she knew ví much about the accident

At the gala, Ren Qingyan was taken by the police.

Episode 10

Qin Yanfei is now too busy looking after Bai Xiaoran ví he had move out which only made Lili happy.

She planned a seductive night for Zhengyi which she called Hot Midnight. It was hit and missed and Zhengyi ended up hurting his back

She offered lớn give him a mát xa but when she asked him lớn turn over he told her lớn leave because he got carried away and anyone could see how hot

Lili understood and left.

As Ren Qingyan is now out of the picture, Lemeng had lớn find another actress lớn play her role.

Liu Yue was on the lập cập for the role but Lili rejected her. Unfortunately. Yue was a protege of the director who recommended her.

Bai Xiaoran had been discharged from the hospital and as such asked Lili lớn move back trang chính.

Zhengyi made it very very hard for Lili lớn leave him. He pretended he was ví pathetically inadequate lớn be able lớn live alone.

It turned out Qin Yanfei was originally Lili’s boyfriend. Yanfei convinced her lớn become his girlfriend ví they could save on milk tea.

Thinking that it made sense she agreed lớn be his girlfriend but it only lasted 18 hours because as soon as Qin Yanfei saw Bai Xiaoran, he dumped Lili for Xiaoran.

Episode 11

Lemeng started auditioning the replacement for Ren Qingyan.

Liu Yue was the best among the lot ví she got the part that made Lili jealous.

She moved out and she got even more irked when Zhengyi did look lượt thích he really care.

When she got lớn her sister’s place, she was made lớn feel lượt thích a third wheel because Qin Yanfei was there.

Lili was ví jealous of Liu Yue that she started taking it out on Zhengyi but the more jealous she becomes, the cuter he thought she was.

Zhengling is getting closer lớn Ding Dong.  Their romance is ví adorable.  They were on the bus together and Ding Dong ended up accidentally falling into him and kissing him.  This made him feel strange.  He tried lớn be friendlier lớn Ding Dong but Ding Dong treated it as if nothing had happened.

Zhengyi used his dramatic skills again lớn make Lili think that he needed taking care of.

Episode 12

`Lili spent the night with Zhengyi.

Bai Xiaoran kept calling but Zhengyi sent her a selfie of being in bed with a sleeping Lili.

Xiaoran went mental and forbade Lili from seeing Zhengyi outside of work.

She even hired a housekeeper for Zhengyi ví Lili doesn’t have lớn be concerned about him.

Zhengyi, however, has his own agenda.  He mix up the new housekeeper ví poor naive Lili would think that the very able housekeeper is taking advantage and perverted.

Because of the accidental kiss, the romance between Zhengling and Ding Dong is heating up.

Bai Xiaoran ordered Lili lớn split up Zhengyi because it was time.  Xiaoran reminded her that her relationship with Zhengyi is kém chất lượng and using her name.

While on a Ferris wheel, Lili broke up with him.

Zhengyi agreed sadly and was leaving the wheel as it stopped but Lili prevented him lớn and told him that she broke up with him as Xiaoran but if he will have her as Jiang Lili who really likes him then…

She then kissed him.

He did not reply ví Lili told him that she will give him time lớn think about it.

Lili was preparing lớn leave the wheel when Zhengyi stopped her and proceeded lớn kiss her.

Lili  stopped for air but Zhengyi kissed her again as he said they were near the top of the wheel where couples are said lớn stay together when they kiss on top of the wheel.

Poor Yanfei who was spying for Xiaoran was shocked at first of the morality of today’s youth.  He had another think and planned lớn bởi the same thing with Xiaoran.

Episode 13

Ning Xia had returned from abroad lớn work on the Journey of the Youth.  She noticed that Zhengyi had fallen in love.  She asked Zhengyi if he had found the girl he had looking for.

He said he did but Ning Xia was confused why Zhengyi then had fallen for Lili.

Ning Xia could not help herself.  She told Lili that Zhengyi had been looking for a girl he liked for ages.  Ning Xia added that she does not know the girl.

An old boyfriend of Xiaoran had turned up.

Episode 14

Lili was a bit upset that she can’t have much time with Zhengyi lately as he had become joined at the hip with Ning Xia.  Lili also noticed that Ning Xia was wearing the same hair tie she found at Zhengyi’s house which he treasures very much.

The old boyfriend invited Xiaoran lớn his art exhibition.

Xiaoran was shocked lớn find out that the ex was engaged lớn be married when his fiancee turned up.

With Ning Xia around, Lili became more irritating.

Zhengyi indulged her however ví everything is ok in their world of two but then he found her having a cross-arms drink with Qin Yanfei.

He was shocked and she felt guilty.

Episode 15

Lili was looking for the copyright of the Maid of the Evil Cult.  She went lớn Qin Yanfei for help.

He told her that he would only help her if she gets her sister lớn come lớn him and apologise.

The romance between Ding Dong and Zhengling is the cutest in this drama.

Lili is overly dễ thương bordering on looking stupid.

To get the copyright from Yanfei, Lili pretended lớn be Xiaoran as Xiaoran refused lớn apologise lớn Yanfei.

Yanfei knew pretty fast that it was Lili before him but then Lili received a Hotline that her sister was back in the hospital.  Yanfei rushed lớn the hospital completely forgetting that he wanted an apology from Xiaoran.

Xiaoran confessed lớn Yanfei that Yuanhang was the real victim.  She asked him not lớn go abroad for further study for her.

Ning Xia is trying lớn come between Lili and Zhengyi but Lili is quite feisty.

Yanfei did get an apology from Yanfei ví he gladly signed the I Am A Maid of the Evil Cult.

During the press conference of the I Am A Maid of the Evil Cult, a woman interrupted Yanfei that the novel was plagiarised.

Episode 16









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