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김복남 살인사건의 전말


金福南 殺人事件의 顚末

Revised RomanizationKim Bok-nam salinsageonui jeonmal
McCune–ReischauerKim Pok-nam sarinsakŏnŭi jŏnmal
Directed byJang Cheol-soo
Written byChoi Kwang-young
Produced byPark Kyu-young
StarringSeo Young-hee
Ji Sung-won
CinematographyKim Gi-tae
Edited byKim Mi-joo
Music byKim Tae-seong
Distributed bySponge ENT

Release dates

  • May 2010 (Cannes)
  • September 2, 2010 (South Korea)

Running time

115 minutes
CountrySouth Korea
Box officeUS$1.1 million[1]

Bedevilled (Korean: 김복남 살인사건의 전말; Hanja: 金福南 殺人事件의 顚末; RR: Kim Bok-nam Salinsageonui Jeonmal; lit. "The Whole Story of the Kim Bok-nam Murder Case") is a 2010 South Korean horror film starring Seo Young-hee and Ji Sung-won. The film premiered as an official selection of International Critics' Week at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

It is the feature directorial debut of Jang Cheol-soo, who worked as an assistant director on the Kim Ki-duk films Samaritan Girl and Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring.[2] The film was a runaway hit in Korea, with the box-office returns far exceeding its ₩700 million (US$636,363) budget.[3]


Hae-won works in a Seoul ngân hàng. A stern, tense woman, her work status and hyper competitive mentality make her apathetic đồ sộ the plight of other people. After witnessing violence against a woman resulting in the death of the victim, she refuses đồ sộ identify the culprit because it's not her problem, even after the offender tries đồ sộ sexually harass her. In the office, she is accidentally locked in the toilet by the janitor and assumes it's one of her co-workers pranking her. She slaps her co-worker in public, realizing she is wrong right after. These incidents cause her quấn đồ sộ fire her. Hae-won takes up a friend's offer đồ sộ take a vacation in Mudo, a desolate and socially-backward Southern island where she spent her childhood.

At the island, she is warmly welcomed by Bok-nam, with whom she had a close friendship when they were teenagers, but whose constant letters she's since ignored. Life on the undeveloped regressive island is hard, and Bok-nam is treated as little more than vãn a slave by her abusive husband Man-jong, his lustful brother, and the local mean women. Bok-nam's love is reserved for her young daughter Yeon-hee, with whom she tries đồ sộ escape for a better life. Man-jong is secretly making Yeon-hee into a sexual object for his own sick pleasure much đồ sộ Bok-nam's rage. Her daughter is accidentally killed after she tries đồ sộ defend her mother against Man-Jong. Bok-nam cries and reveals that Yeon-Hee may not be his daughter as Bok-nam was raped by many men on the island before. In a flashback, it's revealed that Hae-won was teaching Bok-nam how đồ sộ play a tune on her recorder when four local boys on the island began harassing them. Hae-won fled and witnessed the boys assault the knocked-out Bok-nam.

The locals lie đồ sộ police when questioned about the death of Yeon-hee and Hae-won does not tư vấn Bok-nam. Bok-nam finally snaps and kills anyone she finds, armed with a sickle. After murdering three mean old women, she chases her mother-in-law đồ sộ the cliff. Due đồ sộ her bad eyesight, she miscalculates the distance between her and Bok-nam causing her swing her sickle blindly and until the blade falls out of the handle. As she sees the boat carrying Man-Jong and his brother come back, the old woman boasts that she can swim đồ sộ the boat đồ sộ Hotline for help and try đồ sộ jump into the sea but her bad eyesight causes her đồ sộ miscalculate the distance between rock and the toàn thân of water, resulting her lands hard on the rock below, killing her. Bok-nam then decapitates her brother-in-law. Man-jong decides đồ sộ kill Bok-nam and make it looked lượt thích he kills her in self-defense, causing Hae-won đồ sộ snap out of her apathy and threaten đồ sộ Hotline the police. Man-jong then madly states that he can either kill Hae-won or make him his new wife. Bok-nam then tries đồ sộ stimulate his lust by licking his knife causing him đồ sộ drop his guard down. As Man-jong drops his guard, Bok-nam bites his finger brutally, causing Man-jong đồ sộ punch her aside and go đồ sộ get his axe đồ sộ kill her. Bok-nam grabs hold the knife and runs the knife through his stomach, fatally wounding him. As the maddened man tries đồ sộ cling đồ sộ his life, Bok-nam brutally finishes off Man-jong by slashing him đồ sộ dead. She then smears his corpse with bean paste đồ sộ mock his remark of putting bean paste đồ sộ cure the bruises caused by his abuses. Terrified, Hae-won runs đồ sộ the boat đồ sộ escape but Bok-nam catches up and tries đồ sộ drown the boat driver for letting her husband keep abusing her. As Hae-won tries đồ sộ turn the boat, the boat driver tries đồ sộ cling đồ sộ the boat but accidentally get caught in the propeller and is torn đồ sộ shred, leaving Hae-won đồ sộ escape đồ sộ the mainland.

Bok-nam travels đồ sộ Seoul with the recorder from their childhood and tries đồ sộ kill Hae-won in police custody because she refused đồ sộ help her or her daughter. It is revealed that Hae-won did witness Yeon-hee's murder and had lied đồ sộ the investigator about being asleep. A policeman shoots Bok-nam multiple times. Bok-nam kills him with a sledgehammer. Hae-won kills Bok-nam with the broken recorder; she dies in Hae-won's lap. On the island, all the murdered victims have been buried and cremated by Bok-nam, leaving the island void of human life.

Traumatized and guilt-ridden, Hae-won realizes the repercussion of her apathy and points out the culprits of the sexual assault she'd witnessed đồ sộ the police. She takes Bok-nam's letters out of the trashcan and reads them, regretting not helping Bok-nam when she had the chance.[4][5][6][7]

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Main characters[edit]

  • Seo Young-hee – Kim Bok-nam
  • Ji Sung-won – Hae-won
  • Park Jeong-hak – Man-jong
  • Baek Su-ryun – Dong-ho's granny
  • Bae Sung-woo – Cheol-jong
  • Oh Yong – Deuk-su
  • Lee Ji-eun – Kim Yeon-hee
  • Kim Gyeong-ae – Pa-ju's granny
  • Son Yeong-sun – Sun-yi's granny
  • Lee Myeong-ja – Gae-tong's granny
  • Yu Sun-cheol – Old man with Alzheimer's
  • Jo Deok-jae – Police officer Seo
  • Chae Shi-hyeon – Mi-ran

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Tak Seong-eun – Ji-su
  • Hong Seung-jin – Yankee's
  • Hwang Min-ho – Dodger's
  • Hong Jae-seong – Police officer Jang
  • Jeong Gi-seob – Officer Choi
  • Ahn Jang-hun – Mr. Jang
  • Myeong Ro-jin – Bank manager
  • Kim Gyeong-ran – Old lady at bank
  • Jae Min – Victim
  • Park Jeong-sun – Victim's father
  • Seong Won-yong – Supervisor
  • Han Dong-hak – Superintendent
  • Yuk Sae-jin – Mudo policeman
  • Shim Seung-hyeon – Mudo policeman
  • Kim Yong – Seoul policeman
  • Yu Seung-oh – Seoul policeman
  • Na Jong-ho – Old villager
  • Hang Hae-ji – Old villager's daughter
  • Yu Ae-jin – Young Bok-nam
  • Chun Yeong-min – Young Hae-won
  • Park Jong-bin – Young Man-jong
  • Lee Da-un – Young Cheol-jong
  • Park Seung-ah – Young Deok-su
  • Kim Woo-seok – Young Seo
  • Seo Seung-hwa – Banker
  • Kim Hyeon-su – Banker
  • Lee Kang-hee – Tearoom waitress
  • Ahn Su-yeon – Restaurant waitress
  • Kim Woo-geun – Coupon boy


2010 Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival[8][9]

  • Best of Puchon
  • Best Actress – Seo Young-hee
  • Fujifilm Eterna Award

2010 Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival[10]

  • Butterfly Award

2010 Fantastic Fest[11]

  • Audience Award
  • Best Actress AMD & Dell "Next Wave" Spotlight Competition – Seo Young-hee

2010 AFI Fest[12]

  • New Auteurs

2010 Grand Bell Awards[13]

  • Best New Director – Jang Cheol-soo

2010 Korean Association of Film Critics Awards

  • Best Actress – Seo Young-hee
  • Best New Director – Jang Cheol-soo

2010 Korean Film Awards[14]

  • Best Actress – Seo Young-hee
  • Best New Director – Jang Cheol-soo

2010 Director's Cut Awards

  • Best Actress – Seo Young-hee
  • Best New Director – Jang Cheol-soo

2011 KOFRA Film Awards (Korea Film Reporters Association)

  • Best Actress – Seo Young-hee

2011 Gerardmer International Fantastic Film Festival

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  • Grand Prix

2011 Fantasporto Oporto International Film Festival[15][16]

  • Best Actress – Seo Young-hee

2011 Imagine: Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival[17]

  • Black Tulip (Grand Jury Prize)

2011 Golden Cinematography Awards

  • Best Film
  • Best New Actress – Ji Sung-won
  • Bronze Medal Cinematography – Kim Gi-tae


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