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Blue Birthday

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  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Thriller
Created byNaver Corporation
Screenplay by
  • Goo So-yeon[1]
  • Moon Won-young[1]
Directed byPark Dan-hee[1]
  • Kim Ye-rim
  • Yang Hong-seok
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes16 (list of episodes)
Running time20–28 minutes
Production companyPlaylist Studio
Original release
  • Naver TV
  • YouTube
ReleaseJuly 23 (South Korea)/August 6, 2021 (Global) –
August 11, 2021

Blue Birthday (Korean: 블루버스데이; RR: Beullubeoseudei) is a South Korean drama trang web series produced by Naver subsidiary Playlist Studio.[2] Directed by Park Dan-hee and co-written by Goo So-yeon and Moon Won-young, the series stars Kim Ye-rim as Oh Ha-rin and Yang Hong-seok as Ji Seo-jun. The series is a fantasy romance thriller drama in which the female protagonist, Oh Ha-Rin, revisits the past through mysterious photos left by her first love, who died on her birthday 10 years ago. It premiered on July 23 through Naver TV and WeTV and airs every Friday and Saturday at 19:00 (KST).[3][4] It premiered on August 6 through YouTube for international audiences. However, it can only be accessed by audiences from South Korea.


The series tells the story of Oh Ha-Rin (Kim Ye-rim), who travels vĩ đại the past through mysterious photos left by her first love, Ji Seo-Jun (Yang Hong-seok). They had been close friends since they were eight years old, but he died by suicide on her birthday ten years ago. On her 28th birthday, Ha-rin receives an exceptional opportunity as a gift; using mysterious photos left behind by Seo-Jun, Ha-Rin goes back vĩ đại that day in the past vĩ đại find out why he chose vĩ đại die and save his life.


The series opens with Oh Ha Rin witnessing her best friend and first love, Ji Seo Jun lying in a pool of blood and dead in the photography club of their school on her 18th birthday.

10 years later, she works at the animal rescue department and gets a task vĩ đại rescue an animal from her previous high school. While visiting, the traumatizing memories distract her, yet she was able vĩ đại get the job done. While getting off the job, she comes across an old photo cửa hàng and notices Seo Jun's camera in the display. Intrigued, she buys the camera and some old photographs from the mysterious cửa hàng owner who warns her vĩ đại not get stuck in the past. Confused, she then heads vĩ đại her birthday buổi tiệc ngọt that her friends had organized for her and leaves after one of the friends, Kim Ui Young mentioned the unexpected and mysterious suicide of Seo Jun. After going through all the photos, she decides vĩ đại burn them and throws one of the nine photos into the lamp, only vĩ đại wake up as a high school student in 2011. Seeing Seo Jun alive and on his xe đạp, she thinks that it's a dream and runs toward her lost friend. She trips on the stairs but is able vĩ đại catch up with him and hug him, which is caught by her now younger friends. Throughout the day, she acts weirdly and follows Seo Jun but when the time is up, she returns vĩ đại reality.

That is when she realises that burning one photo from the bundle can transport you back vĩ đại the same date that is mentioned on the photo.

On her next travel, she finds herself watching Seo Jun's PE class where he hurts his left hand, and she recalls the police information where it was mentioned that he had cut his artery in his right hand, which would be impossible as Seo Jun was left-handed. When she sees him drinking soda, she realizes that Seo Jun didn't kill himself but was actually murdered. She tells him out loud, but he brushes it off.

Ha Rin, with the help of Eun Song, is able vĩ đại get Kim Sin U arrested, only vĩ đại find out that he was actually a witness and that the murderer was a female. It is then revealed that Ji Hye Min is the real killer and, with her aware of the secret of traveling back vĩ đại the past, she steals all the pictures from Ha Rin's house and burns them vĩ đại travel back and murder Sin U. When the Clip recorder is found, the group goes through the Clip and sees a girl wearing the same hairpin and jacket as their friend Do Su Jin, suspecting her of murdering Sin U. However, she has an alibi which is revealed at the police station. Su Jin was suffering from constipation and went trang chủ by asking for a lift from a delivery person of a Chinese eatery but couldn't remember the name. The group hears her alibi and decides vĩ đại save her. With the investigation on, Seo Jun and Ha Rin find another camera whose contents reveal that Hye Min is the real killer and that she disguised herself as Su Jin vĩ đại murder Sin U. Hye Min had a troubled past and therefore had developed psychopathic tendencies. She believed that Seo Jun was only a substitute and now that she has returned, he should be punished for living her life until now and be dead. While being taken away vĩ đại prison by police officers, Hye Min tries vĩ đại lập cập away, but dies in a siêu xe accident.

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In the kết thúc, Ha Rin and Seo Jun were able vĩ đại live happily together.



  • Kim Ye-rim[5] as Oh Ha-rin
    • Kim So-yoon[6] as young Oh Ha-rin
She lost her first love ten years ago and currently works at an abandoned animal protection center. On the day of her 18th birthday, she decided vĩ đại confess her feelings vĩ đại Seo-Jun, only vĩ đại find him dead in their high school photography studio, and she was ultimately unable vĩ đại tell him how she felt. After ten years passed, she accidentally receives mysterious photos left behind by Seo-Jun and travels back vĩ đại the past numerous times vĩ đại save his life.
  • Yang Hong-seok[7] as Ji Seo-jun
    • Moon Joo-won[8] as young Ji Seo-jun
Oh Ha-rin's first love who died ten years ago on her 18th birthday; according vĩ đại all official reports, he died due vĩ đại suicide. He was a popular student and had amicable relationships with all of his schoolmates. He also performed well academically. However, alongside a confession of his feelings in a letter vĩ đại Ha-rin, he admits that he doesn't open up vĩ đại others easily and can be moody and jealous underneath his bright and easygoing personality. Ha-rin finds this letter on her 28th birthday, which ultimately leads vĩ đại her discovering the time travel capabilities of the photographs and her attempts vĩ đại save his life.


  • Lee Sang-jun[5] as Cha Eun-song
A reporter from the social affairs department who had a crush on Ha-rin in the past. He was born into a wealthy family and is a positive person. He helps 28-year-old Ha-rin investigate Ji Seo-jun's death when she suspects there may be more vĩ đại his case than thở meets the eye.
  • Kim Gyeol-yu[5] as Do Su-jin
    • Park So-jeong[9] as young Do Su-jin
Ha-rin's best friend. She is a loving and kind person who cares deeply for Ha-rin, and she understands perhaps most about the effect Seo-jun's death had on Ha-rin. She is in a relationship with Kim Ui-young.
  • Park Joo-hyun[5] as Kim Ui-young
Do Su-jin's boyfriend and a close friend of Ha-rin and Seo-jun.
  • Kim Yi-seo[10] as Ji Hye-min
    • Jeong Ye-dam[11] as young Ji Hye-min
Ji Seo-jun's older sister. She runs a cafe and takes care of her parents, who struggled after the sudden death of her brother. She is good friends with Ha-rin in the present.
  • Lee Dong-joo as Kim Shin-woo
A student who hated Ji Seo-jun. Decades later, he worked as a chemical medicine delivery agent vĩ đại steal zoletil.

Special appearances[edit]

  • Song Min-hyung as the photo studio owner (Ep. 1–2, 10 and 16)
  • Yoo Su-bin as the senior at Seoyeon High School (Ep. 3)
  • Min Chae-yeon as Ha Rin's co-worker (Ep. 5, 8-9 and 16)
  • Lee Byung-jae as the detective (Ep. 9)
  • Moon Sang-hoon as the Geography teacher




The series is produced by Playlist, a production company known for producing several hit trang web drama for the 10s-20s generation, including the A-Teen, A-Teen 2 and Love Playlist series.[12] Directed by Park Dan-hee and written by Goo So-yeon and Moon Won-young, it is a work that challenged new genres and materials by reuniting with the production team, who had gathered topics with ending series such as The Best Ending (2019) and Ending Again (2020).[7]

Principal photography on the series wrapped in June 2021 after 3 months of filming.[13] On June 23, the stills from filming of the series were released.[14]


On March 30, 2021, Joy News24 announced that Kim Ye-rim and Yang Hong-seok were in talks vĩ đại star in the series.[12] Following news reported the script reading held in Seoul on April 5, 2021,[5] Ye-rim and Hong-seok confirmed as the protagonist of the series.[1][15] On May 14, Lee Sang-jun[16] was confirmed vĩ đại be joining the cast and followed by Kim Gyeol-yu on May 25.[17]


Kim Ye-rim and Yang Hong-seok appeared on SBS Power FM's Wendy's Young Street, Naver NOW's and KBS Cool FM's Kang Han-na's Volume Up on July 16, trăng tròn and 21, respectively.[18][19][20]


A teaser Clip was released on June 10 on the occasion of Ha-rin's birthday. The production team explained, "This Clip contains the meaning of 'Blue Birthday', the first love who chose death on the day of her birthday. Through the videos and images that will be released, the inner story will be revealed little by little." The series aired on Naver TV on July 23. It will be premiered on YouTube on August 6.[3]

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Original soundtrack[edit]

The soundtrack for Blue Birthday consists of three songs, including remakes of two popular Korean songs that were released in 2011.[21]

Part 1[edit]

Released on August 4, 2021[22]
No.TitleOriginal SingerLength
1."On Rainy Days (2021 ver)" (Heize)Beast3:50
2."On Rainy Days (2021 ver)" (Inst.) 3:50
Total length:7:40

Part 2[edit]

Released on August 17, 2021 [23]
No.TitleOriginal SingerLength
1."Any Day, Any Words (2021 ver)" (O3ohn)Lucia with Epitone Project4:07
2."Any Day, Any Words (2021 ver)" (Inst.) 4:07
Total length:8:14

Part 3[edit]

Released on August 24, 2021 [24]
1."It's You"
  • Colde
  • Stally
  • Colde
  • basecamp
  • Stally
2."It's You" (Inst.) 
  • Colde
  • basecamp
  • Stally
Total length:6:26

Part 4[edit]

Released on September 2, 2021[25]
1."It's You (Yeri of Red Velvet Ver.)"
  • Colde
  • Stally
  • Colde
  • Basecamp
  • Stally
Yeri (Red Velvet)3:16
2."It's You (Yeri of Red Velvet Ver.)" (Inst.) 
  • Colde
  • Basecamp
  • Stally
Yeri (Red Velvet)3:16
Total length:6:30

Chart performance[edit]


Since its first broadcast in July, Blue Birthday has ranked first among all Korean nội dung on AbemaTV, a platform for simultaneous broadcasting in nhật bản. In Đài Loan Trung Quốc, it ranked 7th as the most popular Clip among all Korean nội dung on streaming sites, and a kind of open chat room was operated vĩ đại share pictures of the main characters and talk about the drama in real time. The number of visitors vĩ đại the người hâm mộ page in Đài Loan Trung Quốc reached about 3.58 million. In addition vĩ đại this, the global OTT platform Viki, which is being serviced in the America, Europe, and Oceania, contains 'Best reversal and suspense! Recommendation'.[27]



A Japanese television drama remake titled Blue Birthday (ブルーバースデー), starring Shion Tsurubo and Airi Matsui will air on Kansai Telecasting Corporation starting February 8, 2023. The series featured "Romance" by JO1 as the official theme tuy nhiên for the series.[29][30]


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