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Case Closed: The Last Wizard of the Century

Japanese DVD cover

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Kanji名探偵コナン 世紀末の魔術師
Revised HepburnMeitantei Konan: Seikimatsu no Majutsushi
Directed byKenji Kodama
Written byKazunari Kouchi
Based onCase Closed by Gosho Aoyama
Produced by
  • Masahito Yoshioka
  • Michihiko Suwa
  • Minami Takayama
  • Kappei Yamaguchi
  • Akira Kamiya
  • Wakana Yamazaki
  • Megumi Hayashibara
  • Ryō Horikawa
  • Yūko Miyamura
  • Emi Shinohara
  • Naoko Matsui
  • Yukiko Iwai
  • Ikue Ōtani
  • Wataru Takagi
  • Kenichi Ogata
CinematographyTakashi Nomura
Edited byTerumitsu Okada
Music byKatsuo Ono


TMS Entertainment

Distributed byToho

Release date

  • April 17, 1999

Running time

99 minutes
Box office¥2.6 billion[1]

Case Closed: The Last Wizard of the Century, known as Detective Conan: The Last Wizard of the Century (名探偵コナン 世紀末の魔術師, Meitantei Konan: Seikimatsu no Majutsushi) in nhật bản, is a Japanese animated feature film based on the Case Closed series. It was released in Japanese theatres on April 17, 1999. FUNimation Entertainment acquired the rights lớn this film from TMS Entertainment on July 17, 2009 and released the dub in December 2009.[2] This is the first film appearance of Vi Graythorn (Ai Haibara), Phantom Thief Kid (Kaitou Kid) and Harley Hartwell (Heiji Hattori).


The Phantom Thief Kid sends a heist notice, warning of another heist. The police deduce that his next target is a recently discovered Fabergé egg, which Suzuki Modern Art Museum in Osaka will display on August 22. The night of the heist, Kid steals the egg and flies off, and Conan and Heiji give chase. However, in the middle of the chase, an unknown assailant shoots Kid in the right eye, and Kid apparently falls into the sea lớn his death. After recovering the egg, the police fruitlessly tìm kiếm for Kid's toàn thân.

The next day, Conan, Ran, and Kogoro board a boat lớn Tokyo. They meet Natsumi Kousaka, whose great-grandfather worked in Fabergé's factory. She shows them a part of a sketch of two eggs and a key, which were found among her late grandmother's mementos. Conan suspects that the person who shot Kid is on the ship. That night, Ryu Sagawa, a freelance photographer covering the press with news of the egg, is murdered, shot in the right eye in the same fashion as Kid. Soon after his toàn thân is discovered, Inspector Megure, along with officers Takagi and Shiratori, arrive by helicopter lớn inspect the crime scene. At first, they suspect Sonoko's father's servant, Mr. Nishino, but the police and Conan conclude the culprit is Scorpion - a mysterious killer who always shoots his victims in the right eye. A missing lifeboat hints that Scorpion has escaped, and the boat's passengers go lớn Yokosuka Castle, which holds Scorpion's next target: the second egg.

While exploring the castle, the group stumbles across secret passages beneath the castle. As they traverse the tunnels, Inui, an art dealer, pursues a shadowy figure he sees in one of the tunnels, and is shot by a silenced handgun. Delving farther into the tunnel, they find a coffin with a corpse clutching the second egg. Suddenly, the two eggs are snatched away.

Conan deduces that Scorpion is Seiran the historian. She shoots her victims in the right eye lớn avenge her ancestor, Rasputin, whose toàn thân was found with an eye missing. Seiran attempts lớn kill Conan with her last bullet, but the bullet ricochets off the bulletproof glass on Conan's glasses he had Agasa install. As Conan kicks a rock, she reloads and is about lớn fire when a playing thẻ knocks the gun out of her hands. Conan then knocks her out with the rock. Shiratori appears and carries Seiran out. Conan figures Shiratori is Kid in disguise. Back in Beika, Conan is about lớn confess lớn Ran that he's Shinichi, only lớn be interrupted by Kid, who is disguised as Shinichi and distracts Ran. Kid then disappears in a flurry of pigeons.

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Characters listed with English names

Character Japanese English [3]
Amy Yeager Yukiko Iwai Monica Rial
Conan Edogawa Minami Takayama Alison Viktorin
Det. Mace Fuller Unshō Ishizuka Ian Sinclair
Detective Cashman Andy Mullins
Detective Koumori Bruce Lewis
Detective Nishimura Jeremy Inman
Detective Santos Kaneto Shiozawa Eric Vale
Detective Yazstremski Billy Wilson
Detective Yokoyama Greg Silva
Dr. Agasa Kenichi Ogata Bill Flynn
George Kaminski Wataru Takagi Mike McFarland
Giordano Infantino Ed Blaylock
Harley Hartwell Ryō Horikawa Kevin M. Connolly
Inspector Meguire Chafurin Mark Stoddard
Jimmy Kudo Kappei Yamaguchi Jerry Jewell
Kirsten Thomas Yūko Miyamura Gwendolyn Lau
Maxwell Nishino Anthony Bowling
Mitch Tennyson Ikue Ōtani Cynthia Cranz
Natasha Kousaka Emi Shinohara Trina Nishimura
Phantom Thief Kid Kappei Yamaguchi Jerry Jewell
Rachel Moore Wakana Yamazaki Colleen Clinkenbeard
Ray Segue Christopher Bevins
Richard Moore Akira Kamiya R Bruce Elliott
Samuel Sebastian Cole Brown
Seiran Hoshi Clarine Harp
Serena Sebastian Naoko Matsui Laura Bailey
Sergei Ovchinnikov Christopher Ayres
Sherry Megumi Hayashibara Brina Palencia
Sotheby Grant James
Superintendent Chaki Bill Jenkins
Wilder Doug Burkes



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Ending theme: "One" by B'z


In nhật bản, the film earned a distributors' income (rentals) of ¥1.45 billion,[4] and a total box office gross of ¥2.6 billion.[1]

The Last Wizard of the Century was released in the U.S. December 29, 2009. Funimation owns the publishing rights for the English version.

In the popularity poll of 19 successive Case Closed films held in năm nhâm thìn, this work won the 7th place.[5]

Home media[edit]


Detective Conan: The Last Wizard of the Century, was released on VHS on April 12, 2000 by Polydor Records.[6]

Region 2 DVD[edit]

Polydor Records released the film in a DVD format on March 28, 2001.[7] A new DVD was released on February 25, 2011, significantly lowering the original price and added the trailer as a special feature.[8]

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Region 1 DVD[edit]

Detective Conan: The Last Wizard of the Century was licensed by FUNimation Entertainment on July 17, 2009 under the name Case Closed - Movie: The Last Wizard of the Century.[9] It was released straight lớn DVD on December 29, 2009.[10]


The Blu-ray version of the film was released on July 22, 2011.[11] The Blu-ray contains the same nội dung of the DVD plus a mini-booklet explaining the film and the BD-live function.[11]


DVD Talk's Todd Douglass considers the film as one of Case Closed's better adventures and remarks the quality adventure and creative storyline, commenting on how they make the film more phàn nàn an extended episode.[12] Anime News Network's Theron Martin also viewed the film positively, despite having minor problems with lackluster artwork and little of the Phantom Thief Kid, he found the film accessible and said that it'll allow viewers lớn "enjoy the series at its best without having lớn wade through endless tracks of episodes."[13]


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