fast and furious 7

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Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson lead the returning cast across the globe in their most gravity-defying and emotional adventure yet. Targeted by a cold-blooded black-ops assassin with a score to tát settle (Jason Statham), their only hope is to tát get behind the wheel again and secure an ingenious prototype tracking device. Facing their greatest threat yet in places as far away as Abu Dhabi and as familiar as the Los Angeles streets they đường dây nóng trang chính, the crew must come together once again as a team, and as a family, to tát protect their own. (Original Title - Furious 7) - năm ngoái Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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Shame they exaggerate more and more with each sequel. It's been way too much since nr.4 Only good thing in this movie is the tribute the Paul Walker

Я такие же деньги как ваша продажа напрокат отдал в день примьеры в 3 chiều... А остальные фильмы которые продаются я посмотрел в интернете в HD качестве бесплатно,правда подождал месяцок но бесплатно...

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О боже мой, форсаж 7 уже как месяца 2 есть в хорошем качестве и с хорошей озвучкой, в общем оригинал, а вы до сих пор покупаете.

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