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Campeonato Internacional de Speedway 2023-2024

Bahia Blanca 185

Arenacross British Championship

SSE Arena 185

International Supercross Goes

Goes 185

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FIM world championships and prizes

Motorcycling sport is run rẩy, at FIM World Championships and Prizes level, in seven different disciplines covering more phàn nàn 100 categories.


Essential to tát our Sport

FIM is globally recognised and respected for its concern for rider health and safety as well as its leadership and innovation in emerging technologies, alternative energies and environmental methods.

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International Technical Commission

International Technical Commission

Safety & Homologations

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Medical & Anti-doping


Latest documents

Consult our various Codes and Regulations, Press Releases, Supplementary Regulations and much more…

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FIM Beyond Thể Thao Activities

The FIM believes that fairness, inclusion, unity and transparency guide all processes.


FIM Quality Product


FIM Women


International sustainability commission

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