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The movie "Gao nep gao te" has become a fever on the social networking site. The film giao dịch with the main nội dung of the mother and children, the mother always discriminates between her two daughters, Huong and Han, she hates her first daughter because she is poor and brings scandal to tướng her family. But her daughter is very loving mother. The series of excerpts are widely shared and thousands of comments compliment, criticism, urgent ...
The movie is a hot topic for discussion, anticipation. The first online movie to tướng reach 7.1 million views in just 3 weeks was also a clear sign of the "terrible" interest of Vietnamese viewers for the film. At present the movie is phối to tướng episode 26, a lot of annoying movie scenes and mother and sister. This is a movie worth watching and great.
The film conveyed the meaning of family messages. In the race to tướng find happiness with the desire for money, social status easily fallen man and forget about family values. But they survived, with the love and tolerance of family members.

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The movie was broadcast on HTV2 from Monday to tướng Wednesday.