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I was originally going to tướng write a review by episode but instead, I am going to tướng vì thế a review on a grand scale and by certain issues either addressed by the show itself or issues people had with the show.
I, first of all, have to tướng say that it was possibly the worst ending I have seen if any show I have watched (including trò chơi of Thrones and GOT is the worst ending for bủ up until this), I am never watching anything that the writer is in charge of ever in my life, I mean I will personally be checking who the writer is because of her. Like I was wondering what nonsense of an ending that was. Like I hate the fact people try to tướng cover it up by saying it is real life or realistic (and I would be addressing it in my review).
The show started a fun, I mean Xiang and his dumb ass friends being the cool and popular kids, then the nerd that the coolest kid in school falls for but then the story is very not cliché.
Starting this out, I know everyone first had an issue with Sun Bo and his behavior (stalking and assault) but I would lượt thích to tướng remind people that he is kind of meant to tướng be a dumb, naïve and impulsive teenager who is kind of falling in love for the first time and doesn't know what to tướng with himself. I am not saying what he did was all right by any standard but understand that this was the first point being driven.
Also, still on Sun Bo, the next thing people highlighted a lot was the age difference and being in high school. Now I am quite happy that everyone is taking Pedophilia more seriously but at the same time, we should realize that countries differ and laws in those countries are not the same as what it is in our countries. Now, I was rubbed the wrong way but when I checked and I saw that the age of consent and majority in Taiwan is 16, I couldn't vì thế anything more about it but move on, this is their country and these are their norms.
Now moving on, things I loved about the show in generality
1. The true representation of LGBT acceptance: Hao Ting Parents, The Gang, and Finally Lu Zhi's family. The showed different reactions to tướng LGBT youth around the world as it happens. Some people just naturally accept LGBT youth especially because of their humanity and personhood and that was represented in the gang, others don't accept it but rather tolerate it for one reason or the other and that was Hao Ting's parents and the last class per se are those that are straight-up homophobic and cut LGBT people out of their lives that was Lu Zhi's granddad. I loved the fact that they represented all these in the show, which is more than thở a lot of them BLs give us.
2. That age gap should not be a determinant in a relationship (when the people involved are off legal age). Our societies tend to tướng treat age gap as something that should be almost non-existent and that one các buổi party is taking advantage of the other but I love that MODC showed that sometimes, real love doesn't care about age as far as you are meant to tướng be together, you would work out.
3. I loved the fact that they didn't revolve the story around Hao Ting struggling to tướng accept that he was in love with a guy (although I didn't particularly lượt thích the I am not gay just in love with him trope we often see but whatever). Like it was very straight forward, he suspected he had feelings for Xi Gu and rather than thở fighting it as we often see, he accepted them and moved forward on and most importantly, he didn't cheat on his girlfriend per se, he broke up with her before properly chasing Xi Gu.
4. I love that consent wasn't forgotten per se in the terms of Xi Gu and Hao Ting. I was scared at several points that with the type of temper Hao had, he would overstep boundaries with Xi but he was honestly patient and surprised bủ a lot.
5. Sex scenes, now I get a lot of people did not particularly lượt thích this, but I lượt thích the realism to tướng the sex scenes because most BLs tend to tướng was to tướng Fetishize gay people but they didn't vì thế that here, plus I mean they are high school students, sex tends to tướng be on their minds a lot.
6. The acting and production value were all phenomenal, I hated Hao when he made Xi miss the exam, I cried with Xi when he lost the scholarship, I felt all of the naivety of Sun and his jealousy, lượt thích the actors delivered and the quality was insane, to tướng say the least bit. I felt everything, rejoiced with them, laughed with them…. That is what acting is meant to tướng vì thế emote properly, I even felt the ending particularly because of Wayne
7. The portrayed the mistake we have all made as high school students properly, from cruelty, meanness, etc.
8. Character development was great and natural compared to tướng other shows
9. I loved Hao Ting and Sun Bo's friendship, it was beautiful to tướng the end

Things I hated
1. The ending and the writer
2. The fact that they did not properly develop some stories, which I guess was to tướng keep the focus on the main story but still at least resolve them. Like the twin that appeared he had feelings for Xi Gu, we did not get the foundation of the feelings of what connection there was or how did it over up? Another was the guy that made the kém chất lượng picture of Xi Gu to tướng spite Hao Ting, lượt thích what happened to tướng him or even the ex-girlfriend? Then the way they just threw away the Fujoshi?
Now to tướng the controversial ending if you want to tướng portray a real-life relationship or a realistic relationship, then break them up. I am not saying people vì thế not die in relationships, they go off course, but in a world where people always try to tướng tell LGBT people they can't have happy endings, this just drives the narrative because Xi Gu's death was pointless except for shock value and nothing else just break the couple up. I mean, what's more common - breaking up or being killed by a xế hộp (or a white truck of doom, for all we know)? Yes, way too many people die in accidents every year, but still... that's not what usually happens, fortunately. So, for bủ, the "that's life/that's a realistic portrait of life" argument falls a bit flat. My impression is that they didn't necessarily want to tướng portray a "real life" situation, rather they wanted to tướng shock and manipulate their audience, they wanted to tướng present a "clever" twist, maybe because someone, someday, came up with the idea that tragedy equals depth and artistry. Then, secondly - vì thế you know what hurts bủ the most? I realized it's not, contrary to tướng my expectations, YSG's pointless death. It's how miserable XHT still is even 6 years after the tragedy. Even if he says "Yes, I'm over it", even if he has survived and tried to tướng get on with his life (did he get a girlfriend, or am I wrong? I was in a daze for most of the episode, trying not to tướng cry too much, so sánh there are parts I'm not 100% sure about), even if he says he's ready to tướng hike the Himalayas. He's still so sánh deeply grieving that you just have to tướng look at him to tướng know he's living an unhappy life - he seems to tướng be living only halfheartedly, only half-conscious... and that's heartbreaking, and that's what made bủ so sánh devastated. I don't see much hope in this ending. It hurts so sánh much because I cannot help but thinking that I would be just as lost in a similar situation. Finding love is so sánh rare, and when you lose it lượt thích that... Thirdly, poor YSG. He drew the short over of the stick, didn't he? Was his purpose as a character just to tướng tug at our heartstrings? Was his death just a cliched plot device contrived to tướng squeeze out our tears (and how many of them!)? He, as a character, deserved better! Also, the doppelganger: was his purpose just to tướng trick us in the preview of the last episode with a face that looked lượt thích a future YSG? So that people, seeing him, would think "No worries, here he is with a different hairstyle, so sánh he's obviously still alive, maybe they just separated for a few years", just to tướng be then shocked at the revelation? I can't help but feel that my emotions were being manipulated. And lastly - I'm kind of low-key angry with myself for letting myself being so sánh emotionally involved in this drama. It's so sánh silly to tướng be this upset (feeling depressed, feeling there's no hope in this world, feeling lượt thích dark clouds are weighing heavy on my heart, crying!) because of a work of fiction.

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I know I won't be able to tướng go back to tướng it - and what's worse than thở that for a drama? Even the forgettable ones are sometimes revisited. And even the soundtrack, that I loved, will be off-limits for the foreseeable future.

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