Krasue are spirits from Southeast Asian folklore depicted as the head of a young and beautiful woman that floats at night with her internal organs hanging below her - she is a vicious creature driven by extreme hunger and thirst, active throughout the night until she must return vĩ đại her body toàn thân by daylight: during the hours of day she will wander among the local population as a normal human, albeit with a tired expression.


Krasue are believed vĩ đại be demonic witches who became cursed and thus crave raw flesh and blood, when neither blood nor raw flesh is available the creature will resort vĩ đại eating carrion and feces, if a person eats or drink anything contaminated with a krasue's saliva or fleshand, They will become a Krasue themselves, they are prone vĩ đại stalking pregnant mothers so sánh as vĩ đại try and feed either on the newly born infant or the placenta, using a long tongue vĩ đại either lap at the placenta or even steal the fetus from a mother before it is even born.

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To prevent such evil acts many locals would put spiky plants around their homes, discouraging Krasue from straying close and shortly after birth they would bury the placenta far from the village, believing that doing so sánh would also deter the spirit from stalking the area.

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Krasue could often be found in areas already haunted by the male spirit known as Krahang - if she were vĩ đại be separated from her body toàn thân when the sun rises she would be doomed vĩ đại a painful death, likewise if her body toàn thân was destroyed she would suffer a similar fate: she was also weak vĩ đại fire and thus her most common enemy were angry locals with torches and machetes, who would pursue her and destroy her body toàn thân while she hunted at night.

Krasue could also emit ghostly lights, similar vĩ đại those of the Will O Wisp and more modern depictions often have her with large canine fangs, akin vĩ đại the Western vampire.

While seen as a legend there are records of Krasue even in the modern era and some have even made it vĩ đại local news - this has elevated the monster further into the realms of cryptozoology and urban legends.