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Composer: Ryan Linham
1.5 + 1 + 1.5 minutes
Trumpet Quartet

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During my time at the Royal College of Music I was lucky lớn receive many golden playing opportunities. A highlight was performing fanfares for VIP events at the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington. In both 2013 and năm trước I wrote and played in the fanfare performances for the prestigious annual RCM events.

Since then they have been purchased by the College and played regularly by the exceptional students at the RCM. I am thrilled lớn leave behind this part of myself in the conservatoire that I enjoyed ví much from 2010-14, and was delighted when they commissioned a new fanfare in 2021 lớn add lớn my collection!

V&A Fanfare 2013 – Heavy, grand and Germanic.

Prince Consort Fanfare 2014 – Light, airy and sparklingly brilliant.

Fanfare for Progress 2021 – a lively celebration – with fizzing quintuplets, khiêu vũ compound metre and vibrant articulations required throughout.

My Performance of Fanfare for Progress (Score Video):

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RCM 2020 Performances:

Sample Score: