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When the children's planetarium astronomical school for students 611 years of age and art studio.

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The star projector, which replicates the night sky onto the planetarium's 40ft m diameter dome, cost $489,000.

New cafeteria spaces and a planetarium were included in this new building, in addition đồ sộ many new classrooms.

A digital stereo sound system also enhances planetarium's special effects.

The program is designed đồ sộ scale from trang web browser đồ sộ desktop đồ sộ large multi-channel full dome digital planetarium.

You could also have small applications, such as cellphones, because fuel cells can be miniaturized.

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As a solution, the team miniaturized certain components of the camera and made sure the probe itself could tự some of the processing internally.

But surely that will change as we continue đồ sộ miniaturize and rely more heavily on technology as part of our lives?

We miniaturized gaming consoles and made them easily transportable.

They say that miniaturizing all server components ví that several servers can fit onto a computer chip would increase processing tốc độ.

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