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My Love Story!!

Cover of the first tankōbon volume, featuring Makoto Sunakawa (left), Takeo Gōda (center), and Rinko Yamato (right).

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(Ore Monogatari!!)
GenreRomantic comedy[1]
Written byKazune Kawahara
Illustrated byAruko
Published byShueisha
English publisher
  • NA: Viz Media

ImprintMargaret Comics
  • Bessatsu Margaret Sister
  • Bessatsu Margaret
Original runOctober 13, 2011July 13, 2016
Volumes13 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byMorio Asaka
Produced byKōjirō Naotsuka
Atsushi Kirimoto
Toshio Nakatani
Hiroyuki Inage
Shinichi Ikeda
Susumu Hieda
Shinya Shinozaki
Written byNatsuko Takahashi
Music byS.E.N.S.
Licensed by
  • AUS: Madman Entertainment

  • NA: Sentai Filmworks

  • UK: Animatsu Entertainment

Original networkNippon TV
English network
  • NA: Anime Network

  • SEA: Animax Asia[2]

Original run April 8, năm ngoái September 23, 2015
Episodes24 (List of episodes)
Live-action film
  • My Love Story!! (2015)

My Love Story!! (Japanese: 俺物語!!, Hepburn: Ore Monogatari!!, lit. "My Story!!"), is a Japanese romantic comedy manga series written by Kazune Kawahara and illustrated by Aruko. The manga was serialized in Shueisha's Bessatsu Margaret magazine from October 2011 đồ sộ July năm 2016. Viz Media published the series in English. The story follows dense but kind-hearted giant Takeo Gōda, who falls head-over-heels for Yamato Rinko after he defends her from a groper on the train.

An anime television adaptation by Madhouse aired from April đồ sộ September năm ngoái and a live-action film adaptation of the same name was released in October năm ngoái.

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As of November năm ngoái, the manga had over 4.5 million copies in circulation. In 2013, My Love Story!! won the 37th Kodansha Manga Award in the shōjo category, and the 61st Shogakukan Manga Award in the same category in năm 2016.


The story follows Takeo Gōda, a tall and muscular high school student who does not have much luck with women, as every girl he likes ends up falling for his best friend, Makoto Sunakawa, who is charming and good-looking. This all changes when he saves Rinko Yamato, a petite shy girl who, above all other expectations, falls in love with Takeo, beginning a unique love story.


Takeo Gōda (剛田 猛男, Gōda Takeo)
Voiced by: Takuya Eguchi,[3] Ren Katou (young) (Japanese); Andrew Love,[4] Luci Christian[4] (young) (English)
Actor portrayal: Ryohei Suzuki
The protagonist of the story and a first-year student at Shuei High School. He is very tall and muscular, easily dwarfing everyone around him. Women tend đồ sộ find his appearance off-putting or frightening, likening him đồ sộ a bear or gorilla, but Takeo nevertheless has many friends due đồ sộ his popularity among men, who are inspired by his strength, physique, and vitality. Despite his hulking appearance and strength, Takeo has an affable personality and is actually extremely kind and selfless, quickly helping others without a second thought throughout the story and never holding a grudge for things people say about him. Near the beginning of the story, he saves Rinko from a groper and quickly develops feelings for her, but mistakenly thinks that she likes Makoto. Rinko, later on, confessed her love đồ sộ Takeo, which he gladly accepted. Takeo is also a considerate and caring person đồ sộ his family and friends. When he found out that Rinko has đồ sộ move đồ sộ Spain due đồ sộ her father's job, Takeo let her go anyway although he did not want đồ sộ be apart from her. When Takeo found out that Rinko has troubles during her exams in Spain, he quickly rushes đồ sộ her place đồ sộ comfort her and promises her đồ sộ always stay by her side no matter what happens instead of blaming himself for the problem. However, he made a bold move by proposing đồ sộ Rinko in front of the crowds, much đồ sộ Rinko's surprise, but she happily accepts in excitement. In the kết thúc, Takeo is shown leaving his high school with Rinko and Makoto after bidding farewell đồ sộ his friends at the high school graduation ceremony, beginning their new college life together after.
Rinko Yamato (大和 凛子, Yamato Rinko)
Voiced by: Megumi Han[3] (Japanese); Tia Ballard[4] (English)
Actor portrayal: Mei Nagano
A high school girl whom Takeo saves from a groper on a train. After Takeo saves her, she immediately fell in love with him. Rinko is also a smart person when she secretly follows Takeo after the incident and also asking the neighborhood đồ sộ find out where he lives and study. Rinko also purposely leaves her cellphone at his house one time when she comes đồ sộ visit and thank him in order đồ sộ see Takeo again. When she thought that Takeo mistaking Suna likes her, Rinko rushes đồ sộ find Takeo and confess her love đồ sộ him which he gladly accepts. Unlike most girls, who find Takeo frightening, Rinko admires his strength, confidence, and kindness, and she does not seem đồ sộ pay any mind đồ sộ his unusual size or appearance. She attends Koizumi Girls' Academy and is very skilled in baking and making sweets. Rinko is the first girl who has been called "a nice girl" by Makoto, presumably since she's the first đồ sộ look past Takeo's appearance. Rinko is shown đồ sộ have a determined mind by politely declining Kouki's confession and saying that she had already fallen in love with Takeo when she first met him. She was also shown đồ sộ have a selfish side at times. When Rinko's father has a job transfer đồ sộ Spain, she was unwilling đồ sộ go with him and stated that she wants đồ sộ stay in nhật bản with Takeo but eventually goes with him due đồ sộ Takeo's acceptance of her father's decision. However, this causes Rinko đồ sộ get poor results during the mock exams, making Takeo thinks that he was the reason she unable đồ sộ perform well in exams thus making a decision đồ sộ break up with her. Takeo quickly regrets his decision later on and rushes đồ sộ Spain in order đồ sộ apologize for the mean things he said đồ sộ her. Rinko then was surprised that Takeo proposed đồ sộ her and happily agrees in excitement. In the kết thúc, Rinko succeeded the exams and managed đồ sộ go đồ sộ the same college with Takeo and Makoto due đồ sộ Takeo's neverending tư vấn for her after ending their own high school graduation ceremony.
Makoto Sunakawa (砂川 誠, Sunakawa Makoto)
Voiced by: Nobunaga Shimazaki,[3] Yuka Terasaki (young) (Japanese); Austin Tindle,[4] Bryson Baugus (young) (English)
Actor portrayal: Kentaro Sakaguchi
Takeo's next door neighbor, childhood friend, and classmate, who he calls "Suna" for short. Compared đồ sộ Takeo's boisterous personality, Makoto is level-headed, studious, and rational, though he will occasionally burst into stifled laughter upon witnessing Takeo's unique behavior. Because Makoto is ví handsome, all of the girls Takeo liked ended up falling in love with Makoto instead. Despite his endless stream of admirers, Makoto remains single, as he rejected every girl that's confessed đồ sộ him because of their insulting comments they made about Takeo. However, Takeo's girlfriend, Rinko, and his classmate, Saijo, and even Yukika, her kindergarten classmate changed his impression as a nice girl towards Takeo. Although not nearly as outgoing as Takeo, he nevertheless values his friendship, noting that his life would be "boring" if Takeo were not around. Makoto is always watching out for Takeo and is willing đồ sộ sacrifice his own happiness for his friend. When Takeo is having trouble with his relationship with Rinko, Makoto was there đồ sộ help him get back on his own and later succeeds đồ sộ bring Takeo's relationship with Rinko đồ sộ the next level. After witnessing that Takeo has found his true happiness, Makoto was happy for him as his best friend. In the kết thúc, Makoto departs with Takeo and Rinko after his high school graduation ceremony, moving together towards their college life.
Ai Sunakawa (砂川 愛, Sunakawa Ai)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue (Japanese); Carli Mosier[4] (English)
Makoto's older sister and a college student. Takeo mentions that she, lượt thích her brother, is a great and kindhearted person. She has had a secret crush on Takeo ever since he compared her đồ sộ a flower when they were children. Only her brother and her colleague Oda know about her feelings for Takeo. Knowing that Takeo had found his true love with Rinko, she supports them and wished them happiness.
Yuriko Gōda (剛田 ゆり子, Gōda Yuriko)
Voiced by: Kazuyo Aoki (Japanese); Marcy Bannor[4] (English)
Actor portrayal: Sawa Suzuki
Takeo's mother, who always works hard for her family. Takeo is extremely protective of her, though she insists he worries for no reason as she was once an amateur wrestler and when she was giving birth đồ sộ Takeo she actually helped carry another woman into the maternity room when she went into labor first. She, later on, gives birth đồ sộ Maki, which is Takeo's little sister, when he was in high school.
Yutaka Gōda (剛田 豊, Gōda Yutaka)
Voiced by: Tesshô Genda (Japanese); Josh Morrison[4] (English)
Actor portrayal: Yasufumi Terawaki
Takeo's father, who has a rather handsome appearance. He fell in love with Takeo's mother when he saw her put herself in harm's way đồ sộ protect someone else and decided he wanted đồ sộ be the one đồ sộ protect her.
Hayato Oda (織田 隼人, Oda Hayato)
Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese); Patrick Poole[4] (English)
An acquaintance at Ai's university who has a crush on her, but keeps getting turned down because of her feelings for Takeo. Even though he gets turned down, Oda never gives up and hopes Ai will accept his love one day.
Osamu Kurihara (栗原 オサム, Kurihara Osamu)
Voiced by: Junya Enoki (Japanese); Cameron Bautsch[4] (English)
A friend and classmate of Takeo. He has an afro hairstyle. He took a liking đồ sộ one of Rinko's friends, Nanako, and asked her out, and she accepted.
Mariya Saijō (西城 まりや, Saijō Mariya)
Voiced by: Rena Maeda (Japanese); Stephanie Wittels[4] (English)
A classmate of Takeo. She begins đồ sộ đường dây nóng Takeo "shishō" (師匠, teacher) after he trains her for a sports day relay race at their school. She had a crush on Takeo after witnessing Takeo not giving up đồ sộ win the relay race. She then confessed đồ sộ Takeo although she knows he has a girlfriend but was politely declined by him and she moved on. She even gave obligatory/friendship chocolate đồ sộ Makoto and Takeo on Valentine's Day and is the second girl who has been called "a nice girl" by Makoto.
Nanako (奈々子, Nanako)
Voiced by: Rina Kitagawa (Japanese); Luci Christian[4] (English)
A friend and classmate of Rinko. She was confessed đồ sộ by Takeo's friend, Osamu Kurihara, and started dating him after Christmas.
Ayu (アユ, Ayu)
Voiced by: Marie Hatanaka (Japanese); Shanae'a Moore (English)
A friend and classmate of Rinko.
Yukika Amami (天海悠紀華, Amami Yukika)
Voiced by: Ai Kayano (Japanese); Juliet Simmons[4] (English)
A girl from Takeo's and Makoto's childhood. She has a crush on Makoto after he blocked a ball from hitting her during dodgeball in their childhood. She has given anonymous valentine letters đồ sộ Suna every year since and when she confessed đồ sộ him; she was politely rejected by him but Makoto has shown his gratitude by giving a gift đồ sộ her for the years she supported him from behind. Unlike the other girls rejected by Makoto, he felt guilty when seeing Yukika cry. Makoto later acknowledges her as a nice girl and they become friends, yet she still stalks Makoto đồ sộ prevent any girls from approaching him.
Kouki Ichinose (一の瀬後期, Ichinose Kōki)
Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama (Japanese); David Matranga[4] (English)
A confectioner that works in the cửa hàng where Rinko works for a part-time job. He falls in love upon seeing Rinko and considers her his muse. When he discovers that Takeo is Rinko's boyfriend, he asks him đồ sộ break up with her because he says that he is a better fit for her, causing an inner dilemma in Takeo´s mind over whether he is really the one who can make Rinko happy. Although being politely rejected by Rinko, he still wishes for her happiness with Takeo.



The series debuted as a 100-page special in Bessatsu Margaret Sister on October 13, 2011, before becoming serialized in Bessatsu Margaret,[5] ending with a 100-page final chapter on July 13, năm 2016.[6] The first volume was released by Shueisha on March 23, 2012,[7] while the thirteenth and final volume was released on September 23, năm 2016.[8] Viz Media has licensed the series and released the first volume on July 1, năm trước.[9][10]

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Margaret, Kawahara and Aruko collaborated with Io Sakisaka, the creator of Blue Spring Ride, đồ sộ create a crossover comic called My Ride!!, which was released in the July 2013 issue of Bessatsu Margaret.[11]

A 60-page side story chapter was released in September 2018 and 2 further chapters in December 2023 and January 2024.[12] All were published in Bessatsu Margaret.

Volume list[edit]

No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 March 23, 2012[7]978-4-08-846756-6July 1, 2014[10]978-1-42-157144-7
2 August 24, 2012[13]978-4-08-846817-4October 7, 2014[14]978-1-42-157145-4
3 February 25, 2013[15]978-4-08-846896-9January 6, 2015[16]978-1-42-157146-1
4 August 23, 2013[17]978-4-08-845086-5April 7, 2015[18]978-1-42-157147-8
5 February 25, 2014[19]978-4-08-845169-5July 7, 2015[20]978-1-42-157148-5
6 June 13, 2014[21]978-4-08-845229-6October 6, 2015[22]978-1-42-157914-6
7 November 13, 2014[23]978-4-08-845295-1January 5, 2016[24]978-1-42-158213-9
8 March 25, 2015[25]978-4-08-845362-0April 5, 2016[24]978-1-42-158449-2
9 June 25, 2015[26]978-4-08-845401-6July 5, 2016[27]978-1-42-158629-8
10 October 13, 2015[28]978-4-08-845465-8October 4, 2016[29]978-1-42-158868-1
11 February 25, 2016[30]978-4-08-845526-6February 7, 2017978-1-42-159122-3
12 May 25, 2016[31]978-4-08-845578-5May 2, 2017978-1-42-159214-5
13 September 23, 2016[8]978-4-08-845638-6September 5, 2017978-1-42-159053-0


In November năm trước it was announced that the series was being adapted into an anime series.[5] Covering roughly 34 chapters of the manga, the anime was produced by Madhouse, Nippon TV, VAP, Shueisha and Nippon Television Music Corporation and directed by Morio Asaka, with Natsuko Takahashi handling series composition, Kunihiko Hamada designing the characters and S.E.N.S. composing the music.[3] The anime began airing on Nippon TV from April 8, năm ngoái, and is being simulcast by Crunchyroll.[32] The opening theme is "Miraikei Answer" (未来形 Answer, lit. Futuristic Answer) by Trustrick while the ending theme is "Shiawase no Arika" (幸せのありか, lit. "Happiness's Hiding Place") by Local Connect.[33] The soundtrack is composed by S.E.N.S. Project. The final episode of the series, originally scheduled for September 16, năm ngoái, was delayed đồ sộ September 23.[34]

Live-action film[edit]

A live-action film adaptation of the same name was released on October 31, năm ngoái.[35] It starred Ryohei Suzuki, Mei Nagano and Kentaro Sakaguchi.[36] Southeast Asian anime distributor ODEX began đồ sộ release the film in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines between January and February năm 2016.[37]

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As of November năm ngoái, the manga had over 4.5 million copies in circulation.[38] The fifth volume of the series was the 53rd best-selling manga volume of the first half of năm trước in nhật bản.[39]

My Love Story!! won the 37th Kodansha Manga Award in the shōjo category in 2013.[40] The manga won the 61st Shogakukan Manga Award in the shōjo category in năm 2016.[41] It was nominated for the 6th Manga Taishō in 2013 and received a total of 58 points, coming in at 5th place.[42] It was also nominated for the 18th Annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize "Reader Award".[43] In Takarajimasha's 2013 edition of the guidebook Kono Manga ga Sugoi!, a survey with more than vãn 400 manga professionals, My Love Story!! was selected as the best series for female readers;[44] in the năm trước edition, it was the 15th best.[45]

My Love Story!! was number one on the Book of the Year list of Female-Oriented Comics from January đồ sộ June, 2013 by Da Vinci magazine,[46] and number five in the annual list of 2012.[47]


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