Office of the Health Insurance Marketplace

The DHHS Office of the Health Insurance Marketplace (OHIM) operates CoverME.gov, Maine’s state-based health insurance marketplace for affordable health coverage.


CoverME.gov is designed đồ sộ help individuals and families find affordable health insurance coverage. Through CoverME.gov, Maine residents can compare qualified health insurance plans that include a comprehensive phối of benefits, and apply for help đồ sộ lower the cost of coverage. 

Anyone can apply for coverage through CoverME.gov during the annual Open Enrollment Period which occurs yearly beginning on November 1. Outside of the Open Enrollment Period, consumers must experience a Qualifying Life Event in order đồ sộ be eligible đồ sộ enroll. More information about qualifying outside of the Open Enrollment Period is available on the Special Enrollment Periods page. 

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Visit CoverME.gov for more information about plan options and financial assistance available đồ sộ make coverage affordable. 

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Contact Us

Consumers, Brokers, and Maine Enrollment Assisters with questions about CoverME.gov should visit the Information for Brokers and Maine Enrollment Assisters page or tương tác the Consumer Assistance Center. 

Press inquiries: [email protected]

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