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Chapter 1075 is titled "Labophase Death Game".

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Germa 66's Ahh... An Emotionless Excursion, Vol. 31: "The Genius Scientist gets an audience with the Five Elders"

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Vegapunk meets the Five Elders.

Short Summary[]

As the groups are still looking for Vegapunk, Shaka notices someone is taking out the surveillance ví they could not find Vegapunk easily. Usopp's group finds a badly damaged Pythagoras who had vĩ đại disconnect its head from the body toàn thân who while surprised warns the group as S-Snake appears and petrifies York and then attacks them. As Luffy's group is attacked by S-Bear and S-Hawk, Shaka realizes someone had gained control of the Seraphim and is trying vĩ đại kill them all. Realizing they are also in danger a reawakened Lucci and Kaku suggest a temporary alliance, much vĩ đại the chagrin of Luffy and Zoro.

Long Summary[]

Shaka tries vĩ đại reach Pythagoras following the explosion he heard, but he receives no response. He sends a Cameko vĩ đại tìm kiếm the tower, but someone takes it out, cutting off the security image. Luffy realizes that the communication device he is wearing does not operate any longer, as if all communications have been cut off. Luffy tells Shaka as he tries vĩ đại liên hệ the other Satellites, but one-by-one, all of the Cameko go off, making him think that someone else is in the Labophase causing trouble.

Throughout the Labophase, everyone is searching for Dr. Vegapunk. In Tower A Floor 3, Nami and Brook are traveling with Edison. Nami gets sidetracked by diamonds she finds and wants vĩ đại keep despite Edison telling her that their priority is finding the Stella. When he tells her that they were manmade, Nami is left in awe over such achievements. On Floor 2, Chopper and Robin are with Atlas, who reveals that her face is a mask and she can replace whatever part of her gets damaged. Robin then notices something which Atlas reveals is an artificial organ, which amazes Chopper, though Robin notes she thought Vegapunk had gotten chopped up, much vĩ đại Atlas’ discomfort.

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In the B Tower, Sanji and Jinbe have gone with Stussy, with Sanji swooning over her and asking if she would điện thoại tư vấn him a dog, while she flirtatiously reminds him vĩ đại find Vegapunk. Jinbe acknowledges how huge the part of the lab they are in is as Stussy reveals that they are on the weapon’s manufacturing floor, ví they can’t be setting off any shockwaves. As for the last group, which consists of Usopp, Franky, Lilith, and York, the four head vĩ đại Tower C. They kết thúc up finding Pythagoras’ body toàn thân, albeit with his head missing. Thankfully, Pythagoras turned out vĩ đại be fine, as he had detached his head from his body toàn thân before he sustained damage. He starts freaking out over what happened just as York walks over vĩ đại S-Snake. She tells her vĩ đại wait outside since Edison ordered her vĩ đại stand down, but instead, S-Snake petrifies York. A confused Lilith tries vĩ đại get her vĩ đại stop, but S-Snake ignores and fires a laser at the four. It destroys the bridge they were on and they all fall, though they land safely. Lilith tries vĩ đại reach Shaka but fails vĩ đại vì thế ví, and when Franky suggests they fight back, Lilith tells him it is impossible vĩ đại beat a Seraphim.

Back in Tower A, Luffy and Shaka meet up with Zoro as they see that S-Bear and S-Hawk have breached the room. Despite Shaka’s attempts vĩ đại make them stop, the two Seraphim open fire. Thankfully, they evade their attacks while also saving the unconscious Lucci and Kaku, who were in the Seraphim’s sights. Shaka begins vĩ đại fear that Vegapunk himself is commanding the Seraphim if the Satellites cannot get them vĩ đại stop. He also realizes that someone is trying vĩ đại kill everyone by trapping them and cutting off communications, and that they mix up this situation very carefully. Lucci and Kaku then wake up and ask Luffy and Zoro vĩ đại mix the two of them không tính tiền, offering that they sườn a truce and work together vĩ đại survive. Luffy and Zoro respond with a look of disgust.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • Shaka notices an unknown figure destroying the cameras of the laboratory's surveillance system.
  • The Straw Hats have split into groups vĩ đại tìm kiếm for Vegapunk.
    • Luffy and Zoro remain with Shaka.
    • Nami and Brook are paired with Edison.
    • Chopper and Robin are paired with Atlas.
    • Sanji and Jinbe are paired with Stussy.
    • Usopp and Franky are paired with Lilith and York.
  • Usopp's group find Pythagoras, who survived the explosion.
  • The Seraphim have begun attacking the Satellites and Straw Hats.
    • York is turned vĩ đại stone by S-Snake, who then attacks Usopp's group.
    • S-Bear and S-Hawk are attacking Luffy's group.
    • Shaka speculates that "Vegapunk" has given the Seraphim orders vĩ đại kill everyone present.
  • Lucci and Kaku have woken up.
    • Realizing that the Seraphim are ordered vĩ đại kill them as well, Lucci and Kaku propose a temporary alliance with Luffy and Zoro.


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Manga editor change! Thank you for the three years of work, Iwasaki-san! Thank you for your help going forward, Anayama-san!


—Eiichiro Oda
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