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  • 10:30 AM - 9:00 PM


  • 10:30 AM - 9:00 PM


  • 10:30 AM - 9:00 PM


  • 10:30 AM - 9:00 PM


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  • 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

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We specialize in creating delicious Vietnamese food and providing excellent service to lớn customers.

Ask the Community

  • Q:

    Do they cater to lớn those with peanut allergies?


    Yes, we bởi care about your allergies. Please let the staffs know of your medical conditions when they are taking order, sánh that we can accommodate that (if possible) or prevent you from having that (if the modification is not possible)… more

    Nguyen N., Business Manager 

    2 years ago 1 person found this helpful

  • Q:

    What type of fish bởi they use for the turmeric fish?


    It's called Basa

    Dani N. 

    2 years ago 3 people found this helpful

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  • Photo of Hanh T.

    They have great foods and great services. I will come back . Prices reasonable. I love their BBQ. Yummy

  • Photo of Karen Y.

    Came here on a Friday night with my husband and shared a few dishes together before going to lớn a concert.

    Upon entering, I was immediately greeted to lớn a full house and the hostess seating u. My husband and I shared the Turmeric fish, shaking beef rice plate and 3 bean phủ.

    A few moments later, the server comes back with utensils and offers to lớn sit us at a larger table since the the three dishes I ordered would not fit at the two person table. Five minutes later, all of our food came out and the turmeric fish was served on a hot plate over a burner.

    I highly recommend ordering the rice paper along with the turmeric fish as it comes with thin noodles and assorted veggies to lớn wrap the fish in. It is an additional $3.

    Everything tasted very homey and all the families who were eating here seemed lượt thích it was a place they come to lớn frequently. I enjoyed the environment and the comfort dishes very much. The shaking beef is just ok. I would recommend the 3 bean phủ and fish. I can't wait to lớn come back to lớn try the other items on their extensive thực đơn.

  • Photo of Hector I.

    Food is Great
    Service is good especially if it gets busy
    Ambience great few minutes from where I live

  • Photo of Lloyd C.

    I've been here a few times with friends and coworkers. My wife had never been here but wanted to lớn try out their specialties.

    36B. Bún Chả Cá Lã Vọng: Grilled fish with thin noodles and vegetables (serves two persons). There was an additional charge for rice paper - which we did. This is a fun dish to lớn make your own spring roll with noodles, asian herbs, vegetables (cucumbers, green leaf lettuce), and tumeric fish. It's a white fish, not sure if it's swai, rockcod, or tilapia. But lightly fried with a tumeric batter which is served on a sizzling serving tray with onions, fresh dill sprigs, and roasted peanuts. It is a nice touch, as it keeps your (already cooked) fish pieces hot/warm. But make sure to lớn monitor it. Otherwise, it will burn everything. Ask your server to lớn put out the flame when you are satisfied. The dish also comes with two dipping sauces - shrimp paste (mam tom) and mixed fish sauce (nuoc cham).

    40. Phở sát Chảo Bò Dòn: Crispy chow fun with stir-fried beef and vegetables. The first time I tried this, I didn't think it was flavorful at all. Tonight, I thought it had a good Asian traditional brown gravy sauce. The beef was tender, and the vegetables were cooked perfectly.

    The place was crowded and busy. The service was nice and friendly!

    Xem thêm: Mua chuối thắp hương, vì sao những nải còn râu lại đắt hơn?

  • Photo of Natalie M.

    Got the turmeric fish and grilled beef full bộ. This is very filling and had a lot of flavor. Typically this is served for 2 people. There are sánh many options here! These 2 person combos seem to lớn be very popular. It comes with a side of herbs and noodles.

    Definitely need to lớn try this again!

  • Photo of Evangelina B.

    My friends and I decided to lớn come here before catching a movie down the street. We arrived around 6:30pm on a Friday evening and we were surprised it wasn't packed lượt thích it usually is. There was even plenty of parking.

    As soon as we sat down we were greeted and the server took out drink orders and we ordered our mains soon after. I ordered a Vietnamese iced coffee and it was very good. If you love strong iced coffee you'll lượt thích this. It does have condensed milk Incase your diary intolerant.

    What we ordered:
    #46 BBQ chicken and fried egg over rice- served with a small soup
    #59 Chow fun with stir fry vegetables
    Chicken pho with fish noodles
    Vegetable pho soup
    Vietnamese iced coffee

    All our food was good and sánh was the service. My bbq chicken plate did take a lot longer than thở I thought it would. After my friends received their mine come out much longer I even had to lớn ask how much longer. I'm not sure if this is the norm for this dish but if you get the BBQ chicken dish, order it right away.

    Their food and service is good. I recommend their business!

  • Photo of Angelina L.

    Went on Sunday afternoon and the place was packed! It is CASH ONLY!

    Turmeric fish - this is def the highlight. Fish was sánh smooth with a slight crisp texture, seasoned well. Didn't smell fishy at all. It came with some rice noodle and we added the rice paper. Wrapped the fish with the veggies and dipped on the fish sauce, it was very light and fresh and fulfilling at the same time. Good amount to lớn share for 2 people if that's the only thing you're getting. But if you are getting more items, the fish could feed 3-4 people.

    Banh xeo - the pancake was huge and filled with shrimp, pork and A LOT of bean sprouts. On the bland side if eaten by itself.

    Shaken beef - a good amount of beef mixed with peppers and onions. The beef was not melty tender but not really tough either.

    The restaurant is in a plaza with plenty of parking spaces although parking might be tough when you come om weekends.

    Turmeric fish

  • Photo of Bao N.

    Dec 7, 2023Updated review

    Thien Long continues to lớn be one of my favorite and most consistent restaurants in San Jose.

    If you're looking for a Vietnamese Restaurant in San Jose to lớn introduce friends and family to lớn delicious Vietnamese food, take them here. There are sánh many yummy Vietnamese food dishes and options for everyone to lớn choose from.

    What we ordered:
    Bánh Bột Chiên Trứng
    Chả Cá Lã Vọng
    Pad Thai
    Com Suon Bo Dai Hang

    The Bánh Bột Chiên Trứng and Chả Cá Lã Vọng are our go-to everytime we visit.

    For this visit we tried the Pad Thai to lớn satisfy our Pad Thai cravings. It wasn't the best, but was loaded with protein and flavorful. I enjoy chewier rice noodles for my pad bầu.

    My niece enjoyed her Com Suon Bo Dai Hang. The meat was tender, and it was a pretty hearty dish with rice and veggies.

    It's a cash-only restaurant sánh bring cash!

    Feb 4, 2010Previous review

    Thien Long is probably one of my favorite Vietnamese Restaurants ever.

    I love their Cha Ca La Vong. For those of you that don't know what this is, it's fish fillet (basa/ or some kind of white fish) marinated with turmeric powder served on a bed of dill, onions, and peanuts brought to lớn your table on a metal plate sizzling hot with chaffing fuel lit to lớn continue cooking all the ingredients. The sizzling sound of the plate and smell of the food is fantastic. They also put a plate of vermicelli, spring roll wrappers, assorted herbs and vegetables, nuoc mam sánh you can eat the Cha Ca La Vong how you want to lớn at the table. It is quite an experience!

    Also, the Banh Bot Chien (Flour Cake w/ Egg), and Pho Ap Chao (Beef Fried Chow Fun) are must haves. The Banh Bot Chien is served with some a Red Vinegar dipping sauce. The texture of the fried flour cake combined with the egg dipped in the sauce is sánh good. The Pho Ap Chao is not your traditional chow fun you get at the Chinese restaurant. Chow fun sticks are fried and plated and topped with meat and vegetables cooked in gravy-ish sauce poured over the Chow fun. The Vietnamese food options seems unlimited here. You can get almost everything.

    Note: Usually the Cha Ca La Vong is designed for two people to lớn eat, but if you come here with people that bởi not want to lớn eat Cha Ca La Vong, you can just order Bun Cha Ca Thit Nuong and you get a big Vermicelli Bowl with some Cha Ca and Thit Nuong in it!

  • Photo of Alisa B.

    Nov 1, 2023Updated review

    Raising my rating after my recent visit. This time around, I must say... the Bun Cha Ca La Vong is SOOOO GOOD. Probably the best you can get in town. I have been to lớn Pho Kim Long many times, which is their main competitor... but Thien Long takes the cake for best tumeric fish!

    The fish is fragrant and very flavorful. The portion was perfect for two of us to lớn share. Great date night food!! The vegetables were all fresh and well cleaned. They gave a lot of variety too. I will definitely be back to lớn eat this again.

    Overall, medicore pho... but amazing fish wrap!!!

    Jan 13, 2022Previous review

    3.5 stars. I always see this place when I'm visiting this busy plaza and I finally decided to lớn give it a try when I was craving pho. They can definitely get busy during dinner, sánh I recommend coming on a weekday. I definitely want to lớn come back to lớn try their combos for two people!

    + They gave u lots of meat and tripe! Great portions and I definitely felt full from a regular bowl. Not bad for $12.50!
    + Lots of seating inside! Great for groups of 6 people.
    + Very quick service. We got our food in less than thở 5 minutes! So fast.
    + Good variety on the menu! They have lots of other Vietnamese dishes besides pho. So many people were ordering the Cha Ca La Vong (grilled fish).

    + My noodles were overcooked. They soaked up a lot of the broth. They became the texture of udon noodles!
    + Cash only!

  • Photo of Jacklyn G.

    Btw this place is cash only (and they have an ATM inside near the bathrooms)!

    I love to lớn come here for the grilled fish (#36B) and add the rice paper! The grilled fish is served hot with dill and onions (lowkey the best part). Aromatics and the sizzle from the hot plate are chef's kiss. On the side, they provide various herbs, cucumber, lettuce, noodles, and sauces for a personal make your own spring roll experience. This dish satisfies my craving every time. Plenty for 2-3 people! I've had the grilled beef version before but it was alright. Although I haven't gotten it myself, I heard you can get half beef and half fish.

    I've also had their beef pho - the soup base was alright but beef was sánh tender!! Their banh xeo is humongous and the bun rieu is okay.

    They have a lot of seating but can get busy during dinner time on weekends. The service is fast and nice!

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