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Triage absolutely caught má unawares. Now, I have watched BLs for 8 years (since 2014) and in that period I have watched over 370+ BLs, BLs from every area of life, from different countries and genres. I can proudly say that Triage is my best BL ever made or released (followed closely by The Untamed at number 2).
I was not ready for the phenomenon that is Triage, lượt thích I started this series and it was kind of slow in episode 1 and 2 but I am not the type of person that usually drops a show if I don't lượt thích the first few episodes and I can say that was the best decision of my life with regards to tướng BLs, I absolutely love how well knit this series is and how realistic it is, the social issues that it handles and addresses and how it does this without being cliche or boring.
But what amazes má the most is how this woman managed to tướng tie the entirety of Triage to tướng Manner of Death, lượt thích her brilliance in all of this, I don't know how I will ever lower my standards for Thai BLs. THIS SERIES WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED IN THAILAND
Anyways, let má get to tướng the review proper.

If you have read my reviews in the past, I review series in 8 standard areas/categories.
1. Introduction
2. General Review, Themes and Specific Issues
3. Story Arc and Storylines
4. Characters and Casting
5. Acting
6. Misses
7. Production
8. Rewatch Value

In summary, this series is more about how interconnected the lives of different characters in the series can be without them knowing, it is about an abuse of a position of power and trust, it is about the complexities of love, it is about the desperations of life and how life can hand us such a bad phối of cards, it is about the weaponization of poor disparity to tướng keep the oppressed in an oppressed position. Along the line of all these things, we get to tướng witness two men fall in love, in what might be one of the purest forms of love, a love that nurtures and guides, a love that doesn't judge, a love that grows us and develops us.

If I say this series took má by surprise which was what made it all that more pleasant to tướng watch because I had ZERO expectations from it, but it absolutely SMASHED!!!! every possible barrier. Like when this series was being made, all the gods of earth were in the room with them because that is the only thing that can explain the execution I got from this series. I saw one of the videos on twitter, they literally had doctors on phối with them to tướng teach them what certain procedures should look lượt thích, the precise places to tướng perform a surgery etc and I had a medical student as well as a doctor who watched the series who said their medical procedures were really spot on.
The series was so sánh mature in how they handled their storylines, their concepts and issues, they did not make caricatures of any characters, they did not attempt to tướng villainize any of the characters out of stereotypes (I was particularly worried they would vì thế that to tướng Mai, but the mature way the addressed Mai, Heart and Tol's relationship in the series).
LIKE FUCKKKKKKKK, these people really gave má such a good time in the series, that just thinking about it makes má smile lượt thích a child and giggle. I am almost tempted to tướng say this series had no flaws but I won't lie the slow start in episode 1 and 2 is kind of a flaw because it may dissuade the impatient viewer from continuing with the show and making them miss the gem that they will get in the rest of the series.

Alright I know I am sounding lượt thích a broken record, so sánh it's time for má to tướng move to tướng the next segment.

General Review, Themes and Specific Issues

For a general review, Triage is a sleeper hit, because Triage was such a refreshing breath to tướng má, I had intended to tướng give up watching BLs in October of 2022 (I don't know why I had a specific date) but the series just had the IT FACTOR, it was refreshing to tướng see detail in that sense, as well as the amount of detail paid to tướng medical terms, autopsy, surgery etc.

I was pleased with the level of suspense they left us with after each episode, lượt thích they dropped tidbits of knowledge that make you eager to tướng learn more by the next week, and there was a certain level of complexity with the amount of attention devoted to tướng the mystery. Knowing each character's driving forces and having the utmost suspicion for each one

I loved the series for so sánh many things, they always made má laugh and roll over with laughter with how in love Tol was with Tin, how much of a bxtch Tin was to tướng Tol, sadness with Rit when he discovered his information, sadness for Tin when Tol and Fukfang both died. This series made má feel all the emotions possible, joy, happiness, sadness, rage etc.

Now to tướng the themes and issues addressed, there were so sánh many real-life issues addressed in the show that if I decided to tướng touch on everyone, I would exhaust my word limit on the review, because Sammon is just that good of a writer, she knows how to tướng handle issues, but here are a few that I have identified and picked out:

1. Medical Malpractice and Organ Harvesting - Seeing a BL cover an issue as serious as this and as underrepresented in mainstream truyền thông was so sánh exciting because this is a real-life issue we battle in the real world. From the improper administration of drugs to tướng patients to tướng the illegal removal of patient's organs, the series touched on an epidemic that has plagued the lives of so sánh many persons who have had a need to tướng use health facilities especially where the person cannot afford the most expensive of facilities. People don't understand the pain that comes with having your organ stolen but the series handles this pain so sánh beautifully it could not have been better.
2. Relationships that build each other - I think in Thai truyền thông and truyền thông at large, we have been exposed so sánh much to tướng a love that is always toxic and destructive, that we have started to tướng adapt to tướng this as a size of "healthy" relationship. One thing I loved in the series was the fact that Tin never once judged Tol for his actions, instead he worked with him to tướng try and vì thế better, which is more important than thở most in a relationship that you are developing each other. Another angle in which I saw this was with Tol to tướng Mai, we can all clearly see that Tol loved Mai in the previous loops (else why would he always die because of her), but I love how much when he found out about the reason why she was dating him, he didn't become bitter or vow to tướng destroy her, no he understood why she did what she did and helped to tướng ensure her mother got the appropriate care she needed, this is what I mean by having relationships when you edify each other.
3. The Effect of each of our actions: This is best portrayed in Tin and Tol and the drunk guy that was saved in the last episode. The effect of choices, every decision we make, no matter how remote or isolated it is, has an adverse effect on tons of lives, take an example, Tol saving that man's life now, impacts not just the man, but his family as well, who only God knows might be the sole bread winner of the family.
Tol said that is in-line with this -"Because someone doesn't love his life, doesn't mean there aren't those they love and that love them back. Saving a guy's life can make a lot of people happy "
It goes to tướng the fact Tin was so sánh blinded in rage about his sister that he forgot one of his core oaths as a doctor, DO NO HARM, his actions hurt someone, whether or not he sees them or not. Tol just talks about making them happy but má, my thoughts take it farther, not just their happiness but the overall impacts on their life
4. Wealth Gap and Oppression of the Poor - One of the most important themes of this series is how the voice of the poor is often robbed from them, we see Rit who initially commits suicide is led to tướng those actions because his rich and more powerful friends' asides treating him lượt thích shit, steal his ideas and get away with it because the society is built to tướng favour the rich and powerful. We also get this in Mai, who basically forced to tướng enter a relationship she does not want to tướng be in because it can pay her mother's bills, again portraying how expensive the health system is but also how it oppresses the poor from getting vital healthcare.
5. Mental Health: I felt almost foolish at the finale for hating Doi all through the series, the way she handled Doi's mental health, she didn't vì thế something that writers and the world likes to tướng vì thế often and that is treating mental health as a crime. I always asked myself what Doi's motivators were and I wouldn't lie, I hated him for his interference in the series but I must say, when it was unveiled that he has mental health issues with him in the psych ward, damn, I was so sánh happy with the writer becasue she shows often times, what these people need is the appropriate help not hatred
6. Senseless Injustices - Another prevalent issue or theme in this is the uncontrollable nature of injustice, asides Rit and Mai whom I have spoken about in number 4, we see uncontrollable injustice with Tin's sister and I think this specific theme is important because I understand how bad it can get when some of these injustices happens.
7. Forgiveness because there was a lot of forgiveness going around, from Tol towards Mai, Rit to tướng Tol etc.
8. Bribery and Corruption - Honestly on this theme, I don't think I will go so sánh much into it

So that is everything on general review, themes and specific issues.

Characters/Story Arc and Storyline
1. Tin, for Tin we see Tin have to tướng come out of his shell, his dislike for humans and his judgemental high grounds to tướng actually develop a conscience, fall in love and try saving people. At the start of the series, we meet an already broken person in Tin without realizing that he is broken, although we get a first hint of this where he is being kinda bitchy about treating a drunk person but the story arc of Tin has him maturing, seeing that life is not always what it seems to tướng be especially with him discovering that Tol was not actually drunk and he had judged him too much. From his attempt to tướng save Tol, we see Tin slowly change as a person on a whole he becomes softer not to tướng only Tol, but those around him as well. His character development was really great to tướng see. Seeing the efforts Tin put in on his side to tướng being there for Tol broke me😭😭😭😭, man legit studied a course he has no background in, just to tướng stop Tol from cheating.... This is why I always say, it's the tiny things that matter.... This is such a positive example of passing across what a healthy relationship should look lượt thích.... Working to tướng build each other up.
Also Tin being an ER doctor makes sense, when you explain it lượt thích this, he is an ER doctor, prolong their lives long enough to tướng see other doctors. Because his personality doesn't mix well with other humans, and as an ER doctor, most patients are not in a state to tướng be able to tướng talk.

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2. Tol is a rich boy, who it pretty and has always gotten what he wants, this of course makes him a spoilt brat who doesn't appreciate anything beside him. It makes him ruin his friendships with people without realizing that he is doing so sánh, it makes him lazy and naive (the attempt to tướng cheat in the anti-fraud exam.... the irony of cheating on anti-fraud). I mentioned it earlier but I love how his dynamic with Tin through the series, why did I particularly love this because Tin corrected Tol with love rather than thở judgement, he took his time to tướng teach and explain why each of the imperfections and flaws. I think we get to tướng see Tol develop from this immature self to tướng ultimately being the one that has to tướng save everyone in this final loop. If that is not character development, I don't know what is.
But can we take a moment to tướng acknowledge how cursed Tol is with love, I mean my guy, women are using him for his money and the man is cursed to tướng either watch him die or he watches the man die, lượt thích my dude should just give it up. But Tol was so sánh in love

3. Jinta, our ultimate hookup master, lol, this man needs to tướng be taught what privacy laws, because the way he just drops in it is funny, Tol trying to tướng cover his eyes from seeing him and Tin vì thế the deed got má. Jinta's hookup service is extreme because it is literally vì thế or die, either you get him to tướng be with you or he dies and you never get him back, the terms of his khuyễn mãi giảm giá are simple, which is hillarious to tướng see him stress Tol lượt thích that

4. Heart and Mai, surprisingly, I did not hate Heart and Mai, I love the clarity that the series gave to tướng them both, Heart was not made to tướng be some deadbeat guy who was using his girlfriend to tướng defraud someone, instead you could see him actively trying to tướng be better and available for her and Mai couldn't be blamed either, society put her in the position of having to tướng trick Tol for the sake of her mother's life.

5. Gap and Sing were just adorable, watching Gap get jealous all the time was so sánh funny to tướng see because he was sulky about it. I liked how in this current loop; they are already together.

6. I hated Sak and his Lackey

Now on a general, I love how they tied their stories together and created parallels
1. If you followed the memories carefully, you would notice that the Tol and Mai fight, where he throws her and she gets cut, it's a replica of Heart and Mai fight, so sánh since in the previous loop, he is in the knowledge of everything and he is already with Tin, balance is struck by having Heart and Mai have the fight instead.

2. Similar to tướng how Tin also died at 10:55pm July 18th similar to tướng Tol's time of death in the loop. Notice the cause of death is always linked to tướng a party? Since the first cause of death was him chasing after Mai at the các buổi party, he threw to tướng appease her, Tin's death was at Tol's các buổi party for his accomplishment because in this loop, Mai's các buổi party couldn't exist and be the cause of death... So now it's Tol's các buổi party that has replaced it and is the cause of death

3. The crossing of the loop with Tol seeing the memories, thus why Tol was physical in one of Tin's loops just made so sánh much fucking sense, because in Tol's view, he is seeing how far Tin went for him, literally battling days of no sleep, just to tướng have a way to tướng save him and if you liên kết if to tướng the previous episode 4, it is shown to tướng be a driving motivation for Tin... if you go back to tướng episode 4 where the OG Tin seeing Tol scene happened, the music is the same as the music in episode 11, the conversations are also the same... Word for word.... The scene also makes sense now, on why Tol was so sánh intimate with him in the scene when they didn't have a relationship yet.... Also, if you noticed, Tin "woke up" in episode 4, right when Jinta switched the memories in episode 11... LIKE THE FUCKING ATTENTION TO DETAILS!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Using their parents to tướng get to tướng each other

5. There was no scene that was left unexplained, every part was carried fully

Casting and Acting.
1. Tee Thanapon Jarujitranon is a FUCKING ACTOR!!!!!! The way he portrayed one important factor in his tìm kiếm for Jinta, so sánh he can bring back Tin.... It's very important because Tin has had a cool and measured approach because he started trying to tướng save Tol when he had no feelings for Tol, but subsequently those feelings developed and that's why his death in episode 6 pained him more.... But with Tol, we see that he is already in love with Tin when Tin dies, so sánh the way they portrayed his anxiety to tướng get his lover back is so sánh great and realistic...... Like the utter desperation he displayed to tướng Jinta as well as when he was still in his ghost size at the beginning of the memories and Tin was trying to tướng save his life.... His reactions 🥺🥺🥺🥺, when he is back to tướng the past, we can see the desperation with which he tries to tướng reunite with Tin, including faking the medical emergency (to a literal doctor), Tee is able to tướng embody all of this, including the great love for Tin, which is beautiful

2. Tae was absolutely awesome as well as Dr. Tin, he gave the sassy and bitchy vibes completely well, his sequence in episode 6 after the deaths of Tol and Fang was so sánh painful to tướng watch, the tears and all. His gentle smile when he sees Tin. He absolutely delivered his scenes as well. His struggle to tướng save Tol was palatable to tướng má, I felt his frustrations in episode 1 and 2, I felt every disappointment of his because he was communicating it so sánh well. I love how he characterizes Tin as a flawed human who was also in need of fixing.

3. The entire burial scene of Tin was really good acting from the cast, it felt lượt thích someone really died, the tears and crying didn't seem forced

Misses (There are none to tướng má, so sánh here are funny bits instead)
1. Tol assaulting Tin in his sleep (joking), so sánh he can get him to tướng remember him
2. Tol trying to tướng block Jinta's eyes from him and Tin
3. Tin saying Nosy/Rosy
4. Tol trying to tướng nhái drowning (a medical incident to tướng a doctor)
5. Gap thinking sing wanted to tướng have sex in the medical room

On production this series definitely put total thought into all aspects that they needed to tướng make sure they are a 100% and they did their assignment on that, from the medical scenes to tướng the acting etc. Like the open heart surgery, it was way too real, the irony of that scene was that right before they showed it, I was dragging them that they won't show it, they would just skip the scene and show us hours later, next thing I saw a blade cutting someone's skin and blood gushing out and I was lượt thích "alright, too realistic for me" but yes, scenes lượt thích that accentuated the series for má.

Rewatch Value
Heck I am rewatching this show this night

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Again, I must say I absolutely love this show. It is the Best Thai BL ever

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