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Chinese Drama 2023

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  • Genre: Idol Drama, Modern Romance, CEO Romance
  • Release Date: 1 March 2023
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 24 Episodes


  • Wang Yi Jin as Tang Su
  • Deng Kai as Huang Fu Jue
  • Lin Yan Rou a Yu Meng Meng
  • Chen Xin Hai as Lu Yan Zhi
  • Zeng You Zhen as Tong Yi Wu
  • Bellamy as Jing Lian
  • Zhao Yi Bo as Chi Ye

Quick Precis

A popular idol who is now down on her luck became a nanny to tát a CEO who has face blindness and happened to tát be her number one anti-fan.

Episode 1

I really lượt thích this first episode.  It is lightweight and the leads are so sánh xinh đẹp.

Anyway, Tang Su used to tát be the leader of a popular girl band called Sweet Girls.  But she was gossiped about dating Lu Yan Zhi.  But no matter how much she denied it,  no one believed her not even her agent.

She got more upset when she found out that Meng Meng was now dating Yanzhi.

She was told to tát lie low which she did.  As she had nothing to tát tự, she spend the time eating crips and cookies and before she knew it, she was fat.  But she can’t seem to tát shed the weight down.

To tư vấn herself, she found a job as a delivery girl for take-out food.

She. delivered a sushi bento to tát a posh house but no one answered although the door was opened.  She went in but the bag broke.  One of the sushi fell on the floor.  She arranged the sushi back neatly on the bento box except for the last one, the one that fell on the floor.

She had a conversation with herself about whether to tát eat it or not.  After a long discourse with herself, she ate the sushi but before she knew it, she also ate the rest of what was on the box.

The owner of the house came out from the shower and saw her and her big tummy.  He ordered her to tát return whatever she stole which she obviously hid around her waistline because her tummy is big.

Tang Su explained that she did not steal anything.  She was delivering his sushi rolls order. They both looked at the empty box.

Tang Su said that as compensation she will make him lunch.  She cooked simple food which he loved.  She then said that she will wash the apron she used to tát cook.  She found the his laundry room was full of unwashed stuff.  He found her there and hired her to tát tự two hours as his housekeeper for 100 yuan.

She was putting away his stuff when she ended up in a room where photos of Meng Meng, her bandmate were on display.  He obviously fangirling Mengmeng.  But what she found disturbing was her photo being used as a dartboard.

As soon as she saw it, she can’t wait to tát get away.  She even told him to tát keep the 100 as her compensation for eating the sushi.  But on her way to tát the door, an expensive vase broke.

Episode 2

The vase was antique and it would take for her eight years to tát pay it off at her current salary as a delivery girl.

He told her that there is one way to tát shorten the time.  Become his housekeeper and it would only take her 4 fours.

With such a good giảm giá, Tang Su accepted it and had to tát sign a 88 pages contract.  She found out that her quấn was Huang Fu Jue the CEO of Light Entertainment (I think). She told herself just to tát ensure that he does not find out who she really is.

She asked him why he seemed to tát be determined to tát hire her.

He just said that because she was fat.😲. He said he will start calling her Chubby Su.

They were getting along fine until they saw Mengmeng and YangZhi being interviewed.  Fujue realised that Chubby Su has a crush on Yangzhi.

Episode 3

This drama is really tickling my fancy.  It is super xinh đẹp though very unpolitically correct.

Fujue became protective of Chubby Su.  He even carried her trang chính when she hurt her ankle.  But it ended with him hurting his back.

Chubby Su put him to tát bed but he would not let her leave so sánh she ended up sleeping in his bedroom watching him.  The next morning, he felt happy that she was there because somehow she gives him the comfort of a family life.  So he milked his bad back and made her fetch and carry for him.

But she found out that he was really malingering.

Fujue was asked to tát go on a blind date.  He was promised an island as a reward.

He does lượt thích an island or two so sánh he went to tát the blind date but asked Chubby Su to tát tag along.

When they met the girl, it was Tong Yi Wu, the third thành viên of Sweet Girls.

Yi Wu told Fujue that his assistant looks lượt thích her friend.

Episode 4

Yi Wu recognised Chubby Su as Tang Su.  She asked Tang Su what happened to tát her.  Why is she working as a made and grown so sánh big.

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Tang Su confessed that she owed Fujue money so sánh she was working it off.

Fujue found them very chubby but Tang Su told Fujue that she was a người yêu thích of Yi Wu.  She signaled to tát Yi Wu not to tát give her away.

Yi Wu met Chi Ye, Fujue’s assistant.  Yi Wu fell in love with him at first sight.

Anyway, left to tát her own devices, Tang Su wandered around the company and ended up in the recording studio where she saw Yanzhi who noticed her.  He came round and asked her who she was as he noticed a bracelet she was wearing.  Tang Su said that she won it in a người yêu thích raffle but Yanzhi does not believe her and wanted to tát know where Tang Su was.

Fujue overheard them and got jealous that Chubby Su was talking to tát someone else.  He drugged her away from a rather excited Yanzhi who was demanding how she got the bracelet.

Anyway, Fujue drove Chubby back trang chính.  He was really annoyed.  When they got back he grabbed the bracelet from her and threw it away.

Chubby Su was so sánh upset because the bracelet was given to tát her as a birthday present by Yanzhi.

Fujue saw her looking for the bracelet in the greenery.  He felt ashamed so sánh he went to tát help her look for it but it was gone.

Chubby Su forgave him because he looked so sánh guilty and covered with bit of leaves.

Episode 5

Fujue gave her a new bracelet with the inscription to tát My Chubby Su, which she likes.  He also promised her that he will always protect her.

This was put to tát the test when Mengmeng asked if she could be her assitant in a cooking show.

Tang Su did not want to tát tự it but she was more or less coerce to tát tự it.  The show was going well but then Mengmeng who tasted the soup that Tang Su made started scratching and then collapsed on the ground.  Everyone was shocked and run rẩy towards them.

Fujue then had only eyes for Mengmeng who he gathered in his arms to tát take to tát the hospital.

Poor Tang Su felt lượt thích a sack of potatoes.

Episode 6

Fujue investigated the incident and found that Mengmeng’s assistant bought a bar of peanut chocolate for her before the show.  She was apparently allergic to tát peanuts.

Tang Su remembered that Mengmeng used the same excuse when they had to tát meet a director.  Mengmeng insisted that Tang Su see the director alone.  The next day, she was trending that she was morally loose and sleep with directors for a role.

Finally, Tang Su realised how Mengmeng had fitted her up.

This was confirmed when she met Mengmeng who told her that it was her doing so sánh because Tang Su used to tát hug all the limelights.  Mengmeng grabbed Tang Su in the face and told her that she will be trending again soon for being ugly.

Fujue turned up and asked Mengmeng to tát apologise.  He told her to tát leave Chubby Su because she was his.

Fujue and Tang Su were drinking.  Fujue asked what is love.  Chubby told him that you would be protective of her and proprietorial.  Fujue tried then to tát kiss her but Chubby evaded him.

They danced happily and then sat down.  Chubby finally got the courage to tát confess to tát him who she really was but then found out that he did not hear anything because he had fallen asleep.

Episode 7

Fujue did kiss Chubby while she was sleeping.  But the next morning she was gone.  She left a note that she would be back in three months.

Poor Fujue did not know what to tát tự with himself.  He went mental a bit and throwing parties and get so sánh upset very easily.

Then, Chi Ye found out where Chubby went and told Fujue.

Fujue drove to tát a health farm where he saw Chubby working really hard to tát lose weight so sánh he decided to tát leave her for now and wait until when three months are up.  He had a calendar that he crosses religiously.

Then the day finally came.  He decorated the house to tát welcome Chubby back.  He had cakes and balloons but then she did not turn up.

He went to tát the health farm to tát get her but she was not there.

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

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