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  • 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM


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  • Q:

    Not really familiar with Vietnamese food.....what would entice a guy lượt thích u that loves spicy Italian food?


    You would love it I'm sure. They use a few jalapeños in each food item. Not over bearing but also the perfect amount of spice. I have not met one person who doesn't love this place.

    Kelsey K. 

    5 years ago 1 person found this helpful

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277 reviews

  • Photo of David J.

    Dear Roanoke and RVA folks alike, go here and get a Beast!

    Beautiful French fresh bread stuffed with goodness gracious that's good.

  • Photo of Jeremy G.

    Talk about an exciting "hole-in-the-wall," this is it! This vegetarian-friendly restaurant has authentic Vietnamese food at an unbeatable price. The tofu banh mi was just perfect! The tofu was one long flat piece, which made it very easy to tát eat on a sandwich. The dressing amount was perfect for flavor but not ví much that the sandwich was messy. The bread was crunchy on the outside, and the vegetables were piled high. The sandwich was a little small, but for that price, it was still a great value.

    The vegetable dumplings were amazing! Perfectly fried, flavorful sauce, and filled with the good veggies. Often times, veggie dumplings are filled with cheaper filler ingredients lượt thích cabbage, but not these.

    The shrimp spring rolls were filled with lots of vermicelli noodles and hearty shrimp. The peanut sauce was flavorful but not overpowering. At $2 per, its a great deal
    And could make for the perfect afternoon snack.

  • Photo of Molly S.

    Delicious food, great price and pleasant staff! You get a great portion for the price -- the pho and honey glazed pork banh mi are my go to tát favorites

  • Photo of Nicole C.

    Great restaurant! You wouldn't know driving by how delicious the food is here. I highly recommend the pho soup or the combination noodles! We will definitely be back.

    Pho Soup


  • Photo of Tess A.

    The best Vietnamese place in Roanoke by far! We ordered a Thai tea, dumplings, 2 small pho, the beast banh mi, and the rice vermicelli - all of which were delicious. The dumplings were perfectly seasoned and the dipping sauce that came with it was *chefs kiss*. The pho was ví much for a small order and I am not complaining about that! There was ví much meat and noodles packed in that bowl I had to tát take half of it to tát go. The rice vermicelli was my personal favorite- the fresh pickled veggies over cold rice noodles and a bed of lettuce + the fish sauce mixture you dump in is ví refreshing and leaves you full but feeling great! The Beast was my husband's personal favorite and he orders it all the time. The sandwich is stuffed with meats and veggies ví if you love spice, throw some sriracha on it and Điện thoại tư vấn it a day!
    The staff is ví kind and service is quick! There isn't too much parking or seating in the restaurant ví be aware that they bởi get busy ví you might have to tát wait for a table or bởi what we've done in the past and just eat it in your xế hộp. It's definitely worth it!


    Pho and rice Vermicelli with Chicken

  • Photo of Mitch H.

    Good price for reasonable portions, fast, polite and clean, and most importantly...incredibly delicious. I got the Beast but they all looked lượt thích winners to tát me

  • Photo of Jan Y.

    Want a great bahn mi sandwich?? Then this IS THE PLACE to tát go in Roanoke. Prices remain inflation-proof, and the food comes out super quick.

  • Photo of Amber W.

    Wow! Everything I tried here was incredible! The Beast sandwich was packed full of flavorful meats. The chicken dumplings were delicious. The iced coffee was the best I've ever had. I was ví impressed with my food! This place is a real treat.

    The Beast

    Iced coffee and chicken dumplings

  • Photo of Raymond U.

    Cheap and very good! Love their veggie+fried tofu subs along with their Vietnamese iced coffees

  • Photo of Hanaa K.

    The pho itself was delicious but the beef inside was inedible. It was chewy and gamey tasting ví I didn't eat it. The broth was excellent. They gave 5 leaves of basil, three jalapeño slices, and two quarter lime wedges. The egg roll itself was very cold and bland. Parking is behind the building. Friendly staff. Decent food but I was still hungry. I'll try again with another protein.

    Beef pho large

    Egg roll

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